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Ok, the latest post was about Oboreru Knife. I told you how did it happen that I read this manga and why ? Now I won’t to tell you which websites I visit, when I searching for new English chapters.
In network we can find many groups, which translate for fan their favorite manga. Of course such translation require not only language skills, but first of all people and donation. Many group have problem with that, thats why many project are dropped. How it is with Oboreru? Well, in Baka-Updates you can’t find information about 3 groups: Evil Flowers, Just for Fun and kyonpyun ( I tell about group that translate into English ), but it seems that it is still translated¬† by Evil Flowers. On their page we can read 27 chapters (link). The last update was 44 days ago. ¬†

If you don’t like searching you can use page like Mangafox (link), but remember, that Mangafox don’t translate your favorite manga, it only collecting work of scanlation groups.