Babble part 1 :) Mar11
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Babble part 1 :)

I write this post, because I feel that I need to practice my English more  XD

Two days ago, I finished my script to “Story like from shoujo manga” part 6.

because I’m so tired of looking for good pictures (and I envy you guys from Mary drawing contest XD) I decided to draw some panels by myself. Of course there were a lot of problems. My old tablet landed in the garbage.  There is no hope for him. In the end I drew some panels on my knee using pen (I’ll not tell you where is the best atmosphere to draw XD ) Unfortunately, I noticed that I have problem with my characters expression. I tried to look for some inspiration-“Itazura…”, but well… I need more time and practice  XD

Anyway there was one good thing… facial muscle training XD

summarizing- I’ll be thinking if this is a good idea to draw it by myself.  For now I’m more tired than normally XD


Have a nice day,
Raff :)