BBQ – August 2015 Aug16
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BBQ – August 2015

Hello guys!

I’m a little bit sleepy because I slept only few hours, but I want to tell you about yesterday.

BBQ was a success!!! Of course, there was a screw-up 😛

I thought that it will be a meeting with closets friend. Normally, when I meet with my friend in their house and we do BBQ I don’t pay attention to my outfit I also often forget about make up. I like feel comfortable and honestly, when I thinking that I will be grilled sausage in my best clothes I’m really sad (I have a friend who hate BBQ because she is afraid about her hair. She doesn’t want that her hair stunk O_o) Anyway, like always I approached to meeting laid back.

In front of the house I noticed unknown cars. I looked around the area I thought that maybe neighbor had guest and they have no place where they can leave cars. Anyway, I rang the bell and after a while I saw my friend. He told me that they were waiting for me and there will be more people. I froze. He looked really good. He was wearing white long sleeve shirt,navy blue shorts and white snickers.  I went inside. There I saw so many people, which I didn’t know. Everyone looked good. I looked at my outfit and I whispered to my friend. – You Jerk !You didn’t tell me that there will be more people. If I knew, I would be better dressed.  I was really angry.

It turned out that this is a big party and it was totally dominated by man. There was only few girls. Honestly, it didn’t bother me, because I like man’s company, but I know that man first pay attention to the appearance and I don’t look this day well ;( anyway,  at this party was a girl and I feel that I should write about her more.  Honestly, I like analyze people. When I first time hear her, I thought that something is wrong with her. Don’t get me wrong, we had a very nice talk, but for me she was very fake. I felt that she tried to pretend to be someone else.  I felt like I was talking with wife of rich man not a girl who is in the same age like me. Of course she wasn’t interested BBQ. She was vegan. To be honest, I don’t know too much about vegan and I thought that this is good opportunity to asked her about few things. At this party was also a guy who pretend to be businessman. He talked a lot about himself. How many idea he had, what he do and what he likes. For me he was a bad guy. This is the type of man that for money would sell his friend. I don’t know if I want to met him again.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun :) I regret only that i didn’t take picture :/ Maybe another time.

Yesterday was fun. This day is dedicated to work!


Raff :)