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Eli’s look – Hollow :)

Hello :)

I noticed that so many people adding a cast to their story  :) To be honest, when I created my characters I didn’t think about anyone special (about celebrity, singer, model and etc. NONONONO) but sometimes ago, when I was looking for interesting hair colour I found a picture of a girl that in my opinion looks like Eli (or maybe I want that Eli looks like her 😛 ). There is only one problem….my character have curly hair, what to do, what to do then?

The girl from pictures from this moment should use curler XD

Below pictures. Unfortunately, I have no idea who is on this pictures. I also change her eyes (I know it looks poor, but….. enjoy :D).


Eli 201

and here link to original photo: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/af/38/88/af3888cf6523c0a73929c20fbb330c45.jpg


Raff :)