Hollow part 66 Jun05
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Hollow part 66



Are you really think that you are a master of your fate? What would you say, if I told you that you were wrong.

Akim, no longer young, but still good looking, rich man bought a new technology (machine that can cut many trees). He didn’t know that this simple decision not only will have an impact on his own life, but also change life of many others. There is also a girl. The girl, who want to discover who she really is and what is her role in this mess.

“I deserved it.” Muttered Jakow, instinctively touching his swollen cheek. “I teased her and I got what I deserved, but I didn’t think that this little girl have so much strength.”  


“Jakow.” A sweet voice interrupted his reverie. Slender arms wrapped around his body and hard breast pushed against his back.


Not today. He though, sipping a glass of alcohol. Today he didn’t want to play with this nubile woman.


“Not today.” He said this time loud toward red haired woman.


“Not today?” She repeated sweetly. “Then tomorrow?”


He turned to face her and his hands clenched around her naked arms. “Tomorrow.”


 “Do you promise?” She asked, intensively studding his face.


“Yes, I do.”


Her face softened and concern gave way to big smile. She leaned down and placed a kiss on his cheek. He followed her with his eyes, focusing on moves her hips, when suddenly his glance rested on an unknown man, who was sitting in the corner and watched him. Jakow rose his glass and saluting, took a big sip, draining it and then he stood from the chair.


It’s enough for today.


He headed for exit, last time looking around dark and stifling place. He decided to not come directly home. His legs took him to the boulevard. He sat down on the stone steps and stared at the river. Three years ago his life lay in ruins. When he found out that Eli had been arrested, he went to the prosecutor’s office, but the people working there didn’t want to talk to him. Unsuccessfully he tried to know about the course of affairs, until one day he had to face the cruel true. Eli was convicted and strangled in a prisoner carriage.


Eli, his Eli. This golden haired angel … Suddenly he found himself very alone. His eyes filled up with tears. He changed his position, trying to hide tears when he saw him. The man from the pub. He sat sprawled at the wooden bench and Jakow could swear that he was watching him. Concerned, he looked away.


The minutes passed and the first streetlight started to light faint light. The boulevard had become less crowded, the last rays of sun touched water sheet and the man was still sitting in the same spot. Jakow stood up, brushed his trousers and went home.


He walked slowly, stopping in front of exhibitions and beautiful shop windows. He turned once in the right, once in the left, step back, turned the sidewalk. And when he was just block away from his house, he stopped and said:


“Let’s end this game.” He turned and saw, emerging from the shadow figure. The man approached him and just millimeters separated Jakow’s face from his fist. He dodged, in the same time taking the hit in the man’s jaw. The assailant staggered back and loosing balance, fell on one knee. Jakow used this moment and grabbed his collar. His face was close to the man’s face and fist was ready to another hit.


“Who send you?” He growled, shaking him. “Who?! Talk!”


The man said not word, but his mouth curved in cynical smile.  Jakow’s face crossed shadow of concern. Suddenly he felt that he loosed his breath. Someone blocked him, pressing his forearm to his throat. Jakow’s fingers clenched around arm, trying to escape from the grip. Kneeling in front of him man, stood up.  He wiped blood from his face and then with all his strength he hit young man. Jakow felt taste of blood, coming out cut lip. He raised his face, giving him a glare.


“Is that all you got?”


Another hit came like a thunderbolt and then came next. Jakow slumped into ground and supported his body in his hand started cough.


“Is that all Mister?” He muttered and then he felt strong pain beside his ribs. He groaned and fell into ground, taking kicks.


“I will show you where your place is.” Said the man, reaching back and pulling a crowbar. “People who talk too much ended badly.” He raised his hand, ready for attack, when suddenly from the shadow came steely, male voice.


“Don’t move!”


 The butcher lowered his hand and turned toward owner of the voice.



“Who are you?” He said, taking a step forward towards darkness.


“My name doesn’t matter.” Said the voice.


“Relax Mister, maybe we can make a deal. You look like a reasonable man.”


Suddenly rang out shot .


“What the…”


“I told you, don’t move.” Continued voice.


“You scum…”



The air rent another shot.


Jakow saw how his opponent fell into ground, squirming in pain.


The man, who kept him whispered under his breath a curse and jumping up, he ran in the opposite way.


Still lying on the ground Jakow heard a clatter of shoes.  The brown monk shoes clattered against cobbled street. Jakow raised his glance . The faint light of streetlight touched, standing in front of Jakow figure and Jakow saw a tall man in his forty.