Hollow part 12 Apr11
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Hollow part 12


She quickly went through a yard, hearing loud dog’s yap. All she wanted, was to get away from this place. She passed a wooden gate and directed her steps to a sand path.


Her heart was pounding in mad. The medallion. For such low price, could you buy human soul? Could you cheat your conscience so easy? Did he really think that she wouldn’t notice it or maybe he thought that she was a fool? Not just fool, but naive fool. A little girl that read too many uselessly books and heard to many nonsensical slogans. Another that will leave this place as fast as arrived there, forgetting about lived there people and their troubles.


Ahhhhh!!!!! Why? Why even there, in this small village, located on the end of the world, evil as a spider spun its web? How to stop this plague? How to fight? Oh, if she only knew remedy for this horrible ill. Again fortune mocked her. She hoped that finally she found her place on the earth. Place, where she would be able to build a new home. The old one, they took from her. What future waited for her now? If history that always liked to repeat, again roughly forced into her life?


Tears. Big as pearls tears flowed over her red cheeks.


Suddenly she stopped and from under wet eyelashes, looked around the area. She was so deep in thoughts that she even didn’t notice, hiding behind the horizon last sunbeams. Sun as if a big fire ball sunk in the ocean, playing with colors. Grass, gently lashed by wind, sparkled emerald green, gold and black. On a nearby hill grew a wild and alone apple tree. It stood still and majestic as if carved in igneous rock.


Her lips moved slowly and whispered – “On the green glade stood a wonderful oak…”


When she last time heard this words?


She was a 16 years old girl, wearing a gray dress with white collar that every Wednesday, after school, came with her friend to a small flat, located on the second floor of five-storey tenement. She remembered smell of cigarettes and old books, wafting in the air; taste of warm milk and biscuits on her tongue; touch of soft furniture between her fingers, on which she sat with drawing knees and which wide open eyes, listen to discussions. She remembered every word, every detail that were spoken behind yellow curtains as if that was yesterday. Although she was young, she knew that those people did something great and she had a chance to be a part of it. The flat was rented by Ary Sternfeld, a third year student of classic. Oh, what a guy he was. Never before she met someone like him. She remembered his warm smile, his hazelnut eyes, which gaze made that she had a butterfly in her stomach and his low, warm voice that caused that her heart melted.  Ary Sternfeld, her first, innocent love.

Until one day it all stopped. One night they came after him and took him. Where? Nobody knew that. The only memento of him that she had, was a brown hair that didn’t know how misplaced on her clothes. Later, coming back from school she, passed that tenement. Yellow curtains have been removed, exposing inside. They destroyed, they devastated this wonderful place, opened to the gaze of strangers. But, did this stop them?  Not really. Soon they found a new place and in windows hung new curtains, but in their hearts remained emptiness and in head, there was birthed a question, why every great deed need a sacrifice.




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