Hollow part 41 Dec30
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Hollow part 41


correction made by Rosefleur :)

Aaron stood in front of the 4-story tenement house.


He looked up, sweeping across his eyes all stories,took a deep breath, then he adjusted his kippah before he going inside. On the stairs he almost tripped, when two men carried down a painting.


Extremely hideous  he thought, as he was looking at the painting which was being carried: a woman with Ruben’s curves and a mustache. He adjusted his emerald jacket, gave the men a look, called them idiot and moved on.


“Wait, are you taking this also?!” He heard, looking in the apartament on the 3-story from which was coming a cry. In the middle of the empty room stood a fat man and in the corner sat a woman, who hid her face behind her hands. Around the room walked three man that packed some things to the big box, for example beautiful tee service.


“That’s my mother’s wedding service! Mr Goldstein…” The fat man turned towards Aaron who who was standing by the doorway.


It started – thought Aaron, while coughing.


“Girig…” He corrected him, taking fist from his mouth.


“Mr Girig, please say something…”


“But what?” answered Aaron. “You are a grown-up man Mr Furn. You knew what you signed up for. The deadlines are kept and if not, then don’t take credits.”



The man’s face changed. It turned into purple. He moved closer to Aaron, so close that the tip of their shoes connected. Aaron perked his head, trying not to show growing fear.



“But not with those rates.” Said the man.



“Show me your documents” Answered Aaron firmly.



“I don’t have them.”



“In that case tell me what you’re talking about? You are a swindler Mr Furn. You took money from me and you don’t want to pay back.”



“You Jew!” snarled Mr Furn, grabing his shirt. “I will wash this arrogant smile from your face.”



Aaron hid behind his hands, waiting for reprisal. “Relax, maybe we can make a deal.” He murmured.



“I’d rather go to jail than once again give my soul to a devil.”



“What’s going on there? Are you moving.” They heard a voice. Mr Furn let go of Aaron who rapidly moved away. Aaron straightened his colorful bow tie and said to Mr Furn.

“I will bring you before a court-martial! That was assault. You will be a witness.” He turned to the staying in the doorway man.



“You!”Said Mr Furn reached his hands towards Aaron.



Aaron squealed then headed to the door. “I’m a unforgiving person.” Pointing his finger, then he left in a haste, dashing down the stairs. When he reached the ground floor, he removed his handkerchief and wiped his forehead.



Someday this job will kill me , thought to himself.


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