Hollow part 44 Apr11
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Hollow part 44




Are you really think that you are a master of your fate? What would you say, if I told you that you were wrong.

Akim, no longer young, but still good looking, rich man bought a new technology (machine that can cut many trees). He didn’t know that this simple decision not only will have an impact on his own life, but also change life of many others. There is also a girl. The girl, who want to discover,who she really is and what is her role in this mess.


The philharmonic’s foyers was crowded. Gathered in the big hall guests admired hanging on the wall paintings.


“What a great exhibition. You rose to the challenge like always.” Said an old man, putting Aura’s hand, covered by red glove to his mouth. “But there is one problem?”


“What problem Sir?” Asked Aura, frowning her brown eyebrows.


“I don’t know what is more wonderful, the exhibition or you Mrs Mazire.”


Aura laughed, gently pulling her head back. “You flatter me, Mr Fugger. You have to be more careful, because I could fall in love with you and what would say your dearest wife?”


“Probably she would be grateful, that finally she could let go of me.”


Aura looked at a young and cute woman, standing around men and then her eyes again rested on bald head her interlocutor. Indeed she thought.


“Unfortunately my lord, I’m afraid that my chance compared with your lovely wife are small that’s why I could only offer you my friendship. You don’t want to have another girl’s broken heart, am I right?” She said sweetly.


“Oh, Mrs Mazire…” Answered the man satisfied with compliment. “I couldn’t do it.”


“Therefore, my friend…”She said taking his arm. “Please, let me introduce you someone.”


 “Who?” Asked the man, but Aura didn’t answer. He took his eyes from her face and followed her glance. Beside the table with cold snacks stood a young man. He held a glass of wine in his hand and carefully watched people.


“Mr Fugger let me introduce you Mr Akim Engelhardt.” She said when they stood close to him. The young man turned his head. His blue eyes rested on Fugger’s face and the old man felt uncomfortable.


“It’s nice to meet you. Fugger.” Said the old man, pulling out a hand in greeting.


“Nice to meet you too. Engelhardt” Answered Akim, shaking his hand.


“Engelhardt”. Repeated like an echo Mr Fugger and Akim saw how his eyes widener. “Like those Engelhardt? Those Russian baronial family?”


Akim smiled, “I’m afraid that you are wrong Mr Fugger. My father is a ordinary accountant and mother was a teacher.”


Mr Fugger made a sound that could only mean disappointment.


“Akim is one of those artists, whose beautiful paintings made todays evening more pleasantly.” interfered quickly Aura.


“Mister?” Said Mr Fugger, not hiding his surprise. “Mr Engelhardt, please forgive me, but you don’t look like a painter.”


Akim eyes was fixed in the old man in searching gaze. “Really? Why you think so Mr Fugger?”


“Artists are very emotional and you exude composure.”


‘It seems Mr Fugger that despite we met just now, you know me better than anyone else. Maybe even better than I.”


Mr Fugger opened his mouth not knowing what to say.


“Mr Fugger?” Asked Aura in the same time giving Akim the look. “Maybe salad?”


“Willingly.” Answered the old man after a while as if he was ripped from the trance.


“Would you excuse us for a second?” He turned to Akim.


Akim nodded.


When the old man came closer to leaned over the table Aura, Akim took a small swallow.


Asshole – he thought and then he gave in to his favorite occupation, watching the people.


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