Hollow part 47 Apr11
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Hollow part 47






Are you really think that you are a master of your fate? What would you say, if I told you that you were wrong.

Akim, no longer young, but still good looking, rich man bought a new technology (machine that can cut many trees). He didn’t know that this simple decision not only will have an impact on his own life, but also change life of many others. There is also a girl. The girl,who want to discover, who she really is and what is her role in this mess.


Akim looked at embossed gold letters.


Karl von Rosenthalt. Member of National Parliament.


“The world is changing…” Started Rosenthalt. “We need people like you. Young, who aren’t afraid to say what they think.” Then he suddenly stopped and took his eyes off Akim, gently raising his head.


Akim turned his back. His gaze flicked to a man who was dressed elegantly and stood on the platform. Beside him was an easel over which bent a man with white gloves. When the man fixed standing on the easel painting he made a small step back and put hands behind his back. The elegant man took off his glasses and then he put his both hands on the top of the podium.


“Item number one. It’s a painting showing soldier on a horse from Ottoman Empire made by Mr Otto Linde. The starting price is 3 000 krone. 3, 4, 5, 6… maybe someone could give 6 200?! We have 6 200! 7! 7 000 for the first time, for the second time, gone to number 13!”


There was applause.


“And now we move to the item number 2.”


Akim took a deep breath. His eyes widened. He closed his hands into fists.


“It’s showing Wolfhard’s factory. The painting was made by Mr Akim Engelhardt. The starting price is 1 800 krone.”


“Look Mister!” Murmured Rosenthalt and raised his hand. “3000!”


“We have 3 000!” Said auctioneer, pointed the nobleman.


“3 500!” Shouted a woman with beautiful fox boa.


“4 000!” Spoke an unknown man with monocle.


“Let’s remember part of the money will be meant for charity.” Interrupted auctioneer.


“4 500!” Said Rosenthalt.


“5 000!” Answered woman.


The man with monocle made a face.


“6 000!” Said Rosenthalt.


“Someone give more?!” Asked auctioneer.


Nobody answered.


Rosenthalt relaxed and licked his lips as a wolf waiting for his prey.”


“6 000 for the first time, for the second and…”


“10 000!”


Rosenthalt jumped surprised.


“We have 10 000. 10 000 for the first time, for the second and gone to number 6.”


Akim moved on a chair. He tilted his head to the side, trying to see the buyer, but unfortunately he was covered with other man. At some point the man leaned forward and whispered something to men sitting in front of him.


The buyer tilted his head and then Akim saw …


“My Lord …”


Akim opened his eyes and saw servant standing beside the door of his office. He rubbed his face with hand and looked at the man.


“I’m sorry to disturb your nap My Lord, but it arrived.”




“A moment ago.”


“Good. Tell Fern. He’ll know what to do.”


Akim waved his hand, giving a sign that the man could leave the room, but servant didn’t move.”


“Something else?”


“Madam said to tell that she is waiting for you.”


“Tell my wife, I’ll be right down.”


“Of course my Lord.” The servant nodded his head and left the room.


Akim leaned back and exhaled.


Why… why he don’t remember his face.


Then his eyes rested on a painting hanging on the wall.


Life keep going round in circles.


He smiled ironically, got up, took his coat and left the room. He was dressing on the stairs. He just put gloves when he noticed his wife. He smiled to her and speed up.