Hollow part 54 Apr11
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Hollow part 54





Are you really think that you are a master of your fate? What would you say, if I told you that you were wrong.

Akim, no longer young, but still good looking, rich man bought a new technology (machine that can cut many trees). He didn’t know that this simple decision not only will have an impact on his own life, but also change life of many others. There is also a girl. The girl, who want to discover who she really is and what is her role in this mess.




The man froze. He cleared his throat, adjusted his gaudy bow tie and turned towards the door.



“Yes Clotilde?”



“You have a guest.”



“A guest?! I thought I pay good enough that you will stop this intruder and now I have to cut from your salary! One krone less for every intruder in my office!”



“I will settle.”  Reached out deep, male voice and in the doorway appeared tall frame. Director fell silent. At some point his eyes sparkled and he spread his arms in welcoming gesture.



“Ah, it’s you Mister! You did right Clotilde. I always say: good running company is the right choice of people! Please sit down Mister.” He ran to the seat for a guest and moved it away.



“Why are you standing there?! Why don’t you offer some coffee or tea?!” He yelled at his secretary.



“No need.” Said the man, taking a place.



Director waved, giving a sign that the woman could leave the room.



“Idiots! I’m surrounded by idiots! Fortunately there are still people which whom I can talk a level playing field.”



“I’m flattered. After all you are this famous Aaron Girig. The author of famous math textbook. I heard that even outside our country people heard about you.”



 “Yes, yes that’s me.” Aaron smiled widely and his fingers, arranged in the roof clattered each other.



“Your textbook is even more popular than Victor Hugo’s books.”






“Victor Hugo.”



“Ah, now I remember. He’s is the one with Macbeth.”



The corner of guest’s mouth gently trembled. “Let’s say. Anyway I brought something.”



Aaron raised his eyebrows.






Then he made a face.



“Chocolates with cognac.”



Girig’s face brightened up. He reached his hands towards gift.



“It’s a different kettle of fish.” He said, taking a box.



“It’s been three years. You looks good.” Said the man, watching how Aaron opened the box.



“Oh! They have different shape.” Muttered Aaron. “Do you want one?”



“Thank you I don’t eat sweats.”



“Where we stopped?” Asked Aaron, eating chocolate.



“Last time we met each other three years ago.”



“Ah, yes. You looks good Mister Karmazin. Time is kind for you.”



“For you too. How old are you? 38?”



“Oh, no, no, no.’ Answered Aaron. “43. I know, I looks younger. I get it from my mother’s side. Just imagine Mister, my grandma, may the peace will be with her soul, wonderful woman, she died in very elderly years, didn’t have even one white hair.”



“Incredible.” Said Karmazin, shaking his head.



“Isn’t it?” And while we speak about something incredible I will show you something, Mister. Do you see this wardrobe? Karmazin turned back. “Please, get up and approach it.”



Karmazin obeyed. Walking towards the furniture he massaged his arm.



“Mister, are you having a pain?”



“I had a hard day.”



Aaron narrowed his eyes.



“Ah, I understand…these woman. They all want to finish us. That’s why I will never married! Never! No woman will put her hands on my money!”



“Firm resolve. What will you do with all that money?”



“I will die with them!”



“Like pharaoh?”



“That’s it. Those Egyptian were a clever nation. “



“Why “were”?”



“Look at them? They do everything what British Empire want.”



“It’s kinda like us, but in the opposite side.” Muttered Karmazin. “And then what?” He suddenly changed topic, standing beside wardrobe.



“Please, open it.”



The door creaked.



“And what you see, Mister?”



The wardrobe turned out to be empty inside. To the wall stuck just frame and in the wall were door.



“Small freight elevator.”



“Good, on the left side is button, click it.”



Karmazin clicked the button and the elevator moved up.



“And what we have there?” He asked, when door opened.



“Papers, a lot of papers.”



“Good, pull them out.”



Karmazin pulled out bunch of letters and pointed towards Aaron.



“Read them.” Said Girig.



Karmazin looked quizzical.



“Don’t worry Mister, there is nothing personal.”



The man took a deep a breath and started read.



“To short break.”



“For burning.”



“The poor work condition.”



“For burning.”



“Few “kind” words for direction.”



“For…” Aaron waved. “Leave it. I will laugh a little bit. What else is there?”



“They repeat… No, there is something…Appointment.”



“Appointment?” Repeated Aaron, arching his eyebrows. ”From whom?”



“Eugen Ford.”



“Ford?! Quickly for burning!”



“Why you don’t want to meet him?” Asked Karmazin.



“Why?! That man is a walking disaster! Everything what he touch, he turn into dust. I don’t want infect his bad luck.”



“What he do?”



“Him? He owns a theater.”



“I cherish people who devote to culture. People like this are necessary.”



Aaron laughed. “That’s good. You make me laugh, Mister.” Suddenly he turned serious. He leaned over his desk and hissed.



“They are loosers.”



“As far as I know Mr Engelhardt also painted.”



“Oh, no, no, no. Let’s not make this Mr Engelhardt. Mr Engelhardt… he is different. He is… he is… “He tried to find the right word. “He is wonderful.”



“Wonderful?” Repeated Karmazin.



“Yes, he is like breath of fresh air. Like god of victory. He is like brother. Bone in Bone. Blood in blood. ”



“But Mr Engelhardt isn’t a Jew.”



“Ah!” Aaron waved and spread out on the seat. “That, he doesn’t know himself. And what name he have? ”






“No!” He Shouted. Jewish. Name Akim was descanted from Hebrew name Jehoiakim.”






“Well that’s a sufficient proof that I have right.” He suddenly narrowed his eyes. “Besides, your name is also…”




‘I’m a protestant.”



“I thought so!”



Karmazin shook his head. “You astonish me, Mr Girig.”



“I know.”



 “I adore your loyalty to Mr Engelhardt.”



“Mister, for this man I will even give my life. So…what brings you here?”