Hollow part 58 Apr11
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Hollow part 58



Are you really think that you are a master of your fate? What would you say, if I told you that you were wrong.

Akim, no longer young, but still good looking, rich man bought a new technology (machine that can cut many trees). He didn’t know that this simple decision not only will have an impact on his own life, but also change life of many others. There is also a girl. The girl, who want to discover who she really is and what is her role in this mess.


When he came to the bedroom, there was darkness. He went up to the lamp that was standing on the cabinet. The warm light filled interior, exposing laying on the bed small frame. He didn’t speak, although he watched her by corner of his eyes and he knew that he also was watched.


He came to the dressing table and as though it were nothing at all he started to undo studs, when suddenly to his ears came silent whisper, oh how familiar to him.


“I’m sorry. “


“I’m sorry.” Repeated the small frame, raising gently on the bed.


“I’m not the one you should apologize.” He said, putting studs on the top, even not once looking at his wife.


“I don’t know what seduced me. We sat next to each other, when suddenly I stuck scissors in her hand… But it won’t happen again. That was the last time. I will try to keep my emotions in check. “


“For heaven’s sake, Eidel!” He looked at her finally. “Do you hear yourself?! Do you know what are you saying?! This kind of thing is punishable!”


“I know… but I saw… I saw how she looked at you. I know. You’re all thinking that I’m stupid. Crazy and stupid, but that’s not true. I noticed that. I tried to ignore her at first, but I couldn’t. I tried to be harsh on her, but she didn’t want to leave us. I had to… I had to do something… We were sitting at the table. We saw you out the window… She was watched you… I… “


“Eidel! I don’t want to listen this! This is…”


“This is what?!” She shouted and tears rolled down her cheeks. “Come on! Say that! Say that I’m crazy! Say what you really think about me!”


“I never thought so. “


“You are lying! You though and you still think so! You’re just like every! Like my father, like Cordelia…”


“You’re hysterical. Go sleep! It will do you well.”


“Stop it! I hate it. I hate your pity!”


“You’are my wife. I care about you.”


“You don’t care about me, but about my father’s money!”




“You never care about me! You are a manwhore! A whore! Do you understand?! If not this marriage, you will never had what you have now! Never!”


She put her face in hands, hiding tears. For what she relied on? Maybe that he would embrace her. That he would whisper her some nice words like he always did. Instead, she just heard rustle. “What are you doing?” She asked, taking hands and watching how he wore a jacket, but he didn’t answer.

“Are you going somewhere? She stand up from the bed and grab him. “Please don’t go! Please, don’t leave me!” She begged Akim, but her filled with tears face had no effect on him. In this moment he wanted to be alone.


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