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Hollow part 59



Are you really think that you are a master of your fate? What would you say, if I told you that you were wrong.

Akim, no longer young, but still good looking, rich man bought a new technology (machine that can cut many trees). He didn’t know that this simple decision not only will have an impact on his own life, but also change life of many others. There is also a girl. The girl, who want to discover who she really is and what is her role in this mess.


 AKIM -past

“Here.” Said Aaron, passing the empty glasses, then he grabbed a bottle and started to open it. “Damn cork. I spent 19 krone and it won’t let go!”


“What a shit you bought?” Asked Felix.


“I bought this shit in your father’s shop!”


“Give me that! You just don’t know how to open it.”


“Oo… I think I can get it.” The cork let go and white froth ran down the bottle and dripped on the floor. “Quickly, glasses!”


“This is going to be our year! Said Aaron, grinning widely and pouring light liquid to the glasses. “I public a book. Felix fulfill in science and you Akim. You perform important role in Ministry. For our health!” He shouted, raising his hand high. “May this year, next year and in ten years, will be much more better than this one!” They bent over and finished their glasses in two chugs.”Ok, who wants more?”


“Aron, who is this ugly woman?” Is it your mother?” Asked suddenly Felix, coming closer to the painting, hanging on the wall.


“I got it, but if you ever talk about my mother, I swear I will kill you!”


“Uuu… it got scary.” Answered Felix and laid on the couch, spreading his long legs, not caring that he could make furniture dirty by shoes.


‘Tell, why I’m friend with you?!” Asked suddenly Aaron, giving him a glass.


“Because I’m rich?”


“No! Because I respect you!”


Felix laughed.


“Listen Aaron, those liars keep for your…”


“I’m telling the truth! Tell him Akim.”


“I confirm that. He said: Felix, this bastard, he borrowed for me 6 krone. Again he forgot his wallet. He don’t care, that I, poor man, won’t have to eat. Every little bit counts is important, but he… Luckily he always gives me more. That’s why I respect him.”


“That’s what I said!”


Felix shook his head.


“You are a pig, Aaron!”


Aaron knelt and leaned on coach.


“But you like this pig.”


“If you drink more, I feel that you would proposed to me.”


“Don’t flatter yourself!”


“Can you see Aaron married, Akim?




“Are you a virgin Aaron?”


“Me? It’s not your business.”


“Have you ever been with woman?”


“Of course that I was!”


“I don’t believe you. Do you see him with woman?”


“I can’t remember.”


“I’m not like you guys.”


“Like us? What you mean?”


“Promiscuous… and just to let you know, I’m not a virgin.”


“Oh, that’s great.”


“That’s all?”




“You don’t want to know more details?”


“It’s not our business.”


“She have…”


“Please Aaron, this lady is listen us.”


“What lady?” Asked Aaron, looking around. “Who to the hell you brings this time?!”


“This lady.” Said Felix, pointing the painting.




Felix stand up and slowly again came to the canvas. He laid off the glass and reached free hands.


“What are you doing?” Asked Aaron, watching how he took the painting from the wall.


“I want to get a proper look. Oh, much more better.” Murmured Felix, looking at the woman. “What’s her name?”


“Name?! Who want to know her name!”


“I want.”


“I have no idea.”


“Do you mind, if I will give her name?”


“Eee… no?”


“Ok, I’ll call you…I will call you Maddie. My sweet, little Maddie.” Saying, that pressed his lips to the canvas. “Come here Akim! Let’s try this sweetheart together.”


“You are a deviant!” Shouted Aaron.


“Just a little… Now your turn, Aaron.”


“I don’t want!”




“It’s ridiculous!”


Felix smacked.


“Don’t be funny Aaron.


“What’s that?!” Asked suddenly Aaron, seeing reached hand.


“Vodka.” Said Akim.


“I know what is it! I asked, why you give me it?”


“Akim, come on, he is boring. He doesn’t know how to have a good time.”


Aaron narrowed his eyes.


“Are you really think so?”




“You think that I don’t do it?!




In this case, look!” He grabbed bottle, leaned back and took a big gulp.


Felix whistled.


Suddenly Aaron stood up and wiped his face. “Ok, I’m ready now. Give me her!” He shouted, taking jacket.


“How strong it was?” Whispered Felix.


Akim rotated the bottle and looked at the label.




“I hope that he will not die.”


“I hope so too.”


“Madame.” Aaron bowed before painting. “May I kiss you ?Hm? Yes, for me this also would be a pleasure.” Saying that, with all his strength he pressed his body to the painting, plunging into kiss, when suddenly he fell into floor.


“Damn.” Growled Akim. “Everything ok?” He and Felix, bent over him, not hiding their concern.


Two hands raised up in the air and grabbed their heads and pulled to chest.

“I love you guys.”


“Oo.. that’s sweet Aaron, but you are drunk.”


“I love you and you know what?”


“What Aaron?”


“Even if there will be a war, even if the judgement day will come, we will be friends and together we will be go forward.  And you know why I think so? Because we are special. Because we are lords of life.”


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