Hollow part 60 Apr11
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Hollow part 60

Lord of life… He laughed up on his sleeves. Oh, it’s so nice to be young, live a full and believe that world is open. Walk into it with shoes and not looking back, treading a path.


He stood at the street and watched lively town or maybe the town was looked at him? He wasn’t sure.


“Is it you Mister? Is it you Mr. Engelhardt?” Akim turned back and saw, looking at him older man. Although he was elegantly dressed, it was obvious that jacket that he wore had been through in his life.


“Good gracious, you are a Lord now, Mr. Engelhardt.” Said the man, taking the hat from his bald head and pressing it to his chest.


“Just on the surface.”


“Don’t be so decent Mr. Engelhardt. Maybe my legs aren’t so fit like before, but my eyesight is as good as ever and I can swear that in front of me stay the true Lord. What are you doing here Mr. Engelhardt?”


“There was a soap shop.” Said Akim, looking at the abandoned local on the opposite side of the street.


“Mr. Bloom died and nobody care about it anymore.”


“I thought that he had sons.”


“He have, but they went to America. Soon here only old people will stay, but I have no regret. That’s the way the world works. There must be move. One go and others come to their place. What’s happened Mr. Engelhardt? Why you smile? “


“You speak so well…”


“Do I know, if well… I just tell the true… In those dayS people don’t want to hear true. People prefer to live in liars and later they die, being suffocate in their own liars… You can ask me, if I am sad? I’m sad. I feel pain, because of indifference, envy… I spent here 68 years. I was born and grew in this town. I know every building, street, tree, stone. People I also know, although they seems don’t remember me… and I want… from my all heart I want that my town, my country will grow, have a wonderful palaces, parks, museums and people…”


Suddenly his voice trembled and eyes twinkled with tears “…but don’t listen me Mr. Engelhardt. I’m just a poor, old man. Nobody care about people like me. We are born invisible and such die. Governments, laws are changing but we still stuck in stalemate, but you Mr. Engelhardt… You are an intelligent man. For people like you, there is always a good time. At fools even God is laugh…”


Suddenly the clock, located on the church tower, chimed.


“Oh, it’s time for me. It was nice too see you again Mr. Engelhardt.” He touched his hat and then went forward.


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