Hollow part 61 Apr11
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Hollow part 61

Akim watched, how high frame disappeared in the crowd and when it disappeared completely, he made his face gloomy. He pull his hat lower and went in the opposite direction.


November was beautiful. Of course, there were sudden changes in weather. Sometimes wind was coldly and rain could be harsh, but since five years he didn’t remember such great autumn. That’s why he wasn’t especially surprised that everyone wanted as much as possible enjoy the last days of warm.


He walked down the street, passing more interesting personality. He saw students, doctors, professors, beggars, prostitutes, thief, clericals, Jews, atheist, married  people and those, who are alone, people old and young, those who get off death and those who death welcome and although he usually took a pleasure in watching people, he felt that town bothered him. It overwhelmed him its enormity, rush and noise.


Suddenly he saw a small alley and decided to turn on it. The little river, turned out to be wild and raving. It twisted, turned, spilled, and floating him farther. And suddenly, didn’t know how he ended up in the place totally for him uncommon. He made another few steps and stopped. He reached under his jacket and removed a small, silver box. He put the cigarette in his mouth and hunching his shoulder a little bit. In the dark flashed match. He kept his head back and after a while he let the smoke out.




We will protect you from glances, whispered walls run down buildings. Akim looked at accidentally putting small windows, at provisional scaffolds and he know that soon the fate of this buildings and living there people will be decided.


And who will protect you?


He raised his hand to inhale one more time, when suddenly he heard something. He threw butt on the ground, and carefully with hand on the gun, he moved closer to the walls and looked around the corner.


What he saw, shivered down his spine. In front of him, on the ground laid a man. He couldn’t move, because he was incapacitated by other man, whose big hand, holding down his head and knee with pain sunk into his backbone. Beside them stand a man, who hold crowbar in the hand.


Why involved, when you aren’t party to a conflict? It’s better to retreat into the shadows and pretended that nothing happened and later, every night wake up, harassed by nightmares, being happy that you live. Maybe that was a simplest way, but Akim wasn’t weak in both mind and body, in contrast he was courage, because he knew excellent that world belongs to people who are strong.


“Don’t move!” He said, coming out of hiding and pointing his gun towards man with crowbar.


The man turned back.


“What are you?”


“My name doesn’t matter.” Said Akim coldly.


“Relax Mister, maybe we can make a deal. You look like a reasonable man.” Said the man coming closer to him, grinning wide.


Suddenly there was a shoot.


The smile disappeared from man’s face. He leaned over and saw blood, spouted from his left legs.


“What the…”He said, raising his head up.


“I told you, don’t move.”


“You scum…”


The air rent another shoot.


The man grabbed his arm and shouting from pain, fell into ground.


Akim looked at him and then his eyes rested on the second man. The man’s lips trembled. He suddenly stand up and ran.


Akim walked past man, who just few minutes ago held crowbar and came to victim. He squatted and touched his arm and what he saw, surprised him much more. If it is grateful for rescue your life, he didn ‘t want to know how it is to be face-to-face with you greatest opponent. Man’s eyes were full of hate.


Hollow part 2 end



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