Hollow part 63 Apr11
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Hollow part 63



Are you really think that you are a master of your fate? What would you say, if I told you that you were wrong.

Akim, no longer young, but still good looking, rich man bought a new technology (machine that can cut many trees). He didn’t know that this simple decision not only will have an impact on his own life, but also change life of many others. There is also a girl. The girl, who want to discover who she really is and what is her role in this mess.


He opened the heavy door and went outside, even not once, looking behind and when he passed beautiful, metal gate he looked once in the left, once in the right and then walked across the street.


He finished badly… He thought about poor worker. He was a good man, destroyed from hard work. He worked in the factory for 3 years and today bad luck wanted that his caftan screwed in rack and pinion. The machine pulled him. Woman shouted, men came to the rescue, but in vain. The blood spurted high and machine spat out red mass.


Rescue for nothing… and this rascal… for him fabrics were more important than human’s life. Wait! It’ll happen for you, one day. We will see in which pain you will die.  Marceli Holt, chemist from profession, was a director in percale printing-house. Jakow heard a rumors that he plan to found his own fabric… Bloody man. He’ll be damned.


Eli had right. Nothing good waiting for people here. He hated this town and living here people. He hated their hypocrisy, indifference pursuit of wealth. Of course he was the only one who agreed with this opinion, because to the town every day came a lot of people, who seduced by promise, looked for better live.




He put his hand into pocket looking into keys, when he saw a group of people.


“What’s happened here?” He asked his neighbor from second floor, who was working as a cook in one of fabric.


“This sucking lice stuck to doctor.”


Sucking lice? Jakow frowned his eyebrows and looked at kneeling on the ground girl. She looked terrible. All dirty and dressed in rags. He piercing her, when suddenly he saw something else, a baby. The girl held in her arms infant.


“Please, help me.” She begged doctor.


“Let me go woman! You will rip my coat!”


“Please, he is dying.”


“Do you have money?”


“At the mercy of God… please, help me!”


“Don’t call God you sinner! You didn’t have shame to spread your legs and now you call God.”


“Help me doctor.”


“I’m not an altruist. I’m pursing a profession as any others.”


“You don’t have heart!”


“I have heart. It keeps me alive.”


The girl spat in doctor’s face.


The man stiffened. Surprised, very slowly he reached his hand to the face and wiped salvia.


The girl felt a pain. Someone grab her hair and leaned her back. She groaned in pain.


“You little whore… Apologize!”


“Never.” She murmured between clenched teeth.


“Be careful. She could be unpredictable. “Shouted someone from the crowd. “Take baby from her!”


From crowd step forward a woman. She came closer to the girl and reached her hands, trying to take the child.


“No!” The girl screamed. Her skinny arms clasped tighter around small body.” Please, only not baby!”


“Shut up!”


Suddenly the girl bit the woman that screamed loudly. She moved a little and looked at her hand, where were visible marks of teeth and then with fury she slapped the girl across the face.


“You!” She growled, taking a swing to hit her again, when suddenly someone’s fingers clenched into her wrist.


“Enough! “ She turned her head and saw sapphire blue eyes. “I said enough! There will be no lynch. I’m not letting for it.”


“But…” She muttered.


“But what?” Jakow’s voice was cold like iron. He let her go. The woman reeled herself back and when she balanced, she glowered at him.


“What’s wrong with you people?!” He turned to gathered people. “What wrong did that poor girl?!”


“She dishonored doctor.” Said an unknown man.


“Doctor…” Repeated Jakow. “And who is that doctor?Is he better than as, ordinary people?  Is he better because he is nicer dressed, because he use more clever words? I’m looking at him, and I can’t find anything special.”


Doctor glanced at him gloomy.


“Do you not see how you acts? Like animals. No, even animals are better, because they don’t call your names, they don’t betray, they don’t judge by appearances… “


He fell silent for a moment, studying people’s faces.



“Do you want to live in such world? Where life of ordinary human isn’t much more worth than a dog? No! Even dog have better, because he can ran, he can be free and human? Human is always a slave of money. “He turned towards doctor.


“Tell me doctor, am I right?”


The doctor stood aside, carefully watching him.


“I will tell you the true…” He spoke. “I will make an information against you. You instigate people!”


“You will do nothing.” Said Jakow, coming closer to him and when he stood very close, he kept his voice down and whispered:  “Because if you would do this, I will find you and I beat you black and blue.”


Then he stood back and said loudly. “I’m sure that you are busy, doctor.”


“Ah, yes.” Said doctor, clearing his throat and adjusted his tie. “It’s a bad choice.” He said after a while. “It is just a bone and skin. “


Jakow cocked his eyebrows quizzically.


“But I guess, it doesn’t bother you, Mister. It’s time for me.”


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