Hollow part 65 May30
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Hollow part 65



Are you really think that you are a master of your fate? What would you say, if I told you that you were wrong.

Akim, no longer young, but still good looking, rich man bought a new technology (machine that can cut many trees). He didn’t know that this simple decision not only will have an impact on his own life, but also change life of many others. There is also a girl. The girl, who want to discover who she really is and what is her role in this mess.




“We have to bath baby.” Said Nikodim.


Jakow poured hot water into the bowl. Then he put empty pot in the sink and turned the tap on, waiting until cold water achieved acceptable level.  When the pot was almost full, he turned the tap off. He grabbed the dish and came to the table. The hot water mixed with cold water. He dipped his finger into water.

“I think it’s good.”


Nikodim came to the table and checked water temperature.


“It’s perfect. Nathalie…”


She came to the table and very carefully, she sunk child’s body into water. The boy started cry.


“Sssshhh…” She whispered, trying to pacify crying baby.


Soon she sat on the bed, lulling the boy to sleep.


“Those pimples… Tomorrow they will disappeared.” Said Nikodim, squatting in front of her. Recognizing that she probably didn’t understand him he added:


“That’s normal in infants.”


She lowered her head and from her lips came out silent sigh.


“You know a lot about children. I would like to have such knowledge that you have.”


The young man smiled warmly.


“Believe me, this isn’t a secret knowledge. It’s just life.”


“Life?” Repeated Nathalie, raising her head and Nikodim could see her wide open eyes.


He nodded.


“You see I have younger siblings. I not once helped my mother. One day my younger brother was very ill. My mother sent me to get doctor. The fate wanted that he was somewhere else and instead of him I met his nephew. He was a young man, who just finished medicine and worked as the country doctor. He came to our town just for couple of days.  I never met someone like him before, someone so devoted to his work, kind… “


“That’s why you decided to become a country doctor.”




“You are a good man Nikodim.” Said Nathalie, putting her palm on the young man hand.


“Rather stupid.”


Nathalie turned her head rapidly and her gaze rested on Jakow. With crossed arms, he stood, leaning against the cabinet and watched them.


“How could you say that Mister?!”


“I just want to protect him from disaster. What they teach you on this medicine? Martyrdom?”


“I’m a doctor. It’s my duty!”


“No.” Said Jakow, shaking his head. “You aren’t yet.”


“It’s my dream.”


“Trust me it’s not your dream. It’s a hard job that give you nothing.”


“I want help people.”


“A country doctor want to change world? That’s so funny.” He snorted.


“Mr Jakow!” Protested Nikodim.


“Listen to me Nikodim.” He took a step forward. “Being no one you do nothing. Why you study?”


“You heard why. I want to help people.”


“And why else?”


“Because I got chance.”


“Exactly. You study because you got chance, because you are really good. You are better than many others that’s why don’t allow people who are worse, people who think that having money they can buy anything, decided about your future.”


“You flatter me, but what you say is crazy.”


“Why you think so?”


“You are talking about 1/1000 people.”


“That’s mean that you have chance.”




“You didn’t say zero. It’s mean that there is possibility.”


“You are a dreamer Mr Jakow.”


“I was. I have big dreams, that once day went pear-shaped.”


“Tomorrow I have to go to hospital. I’ll visit you.” Nikodim changed topic, suddenly turning toward Nathalie.


“Ok, just run away.” Said Jakow, giving him a dry look. “Run away like coward.”


“It’s not your business!” He shouted, trembling from anger. “What you want for me?”




“It’s easy to advise others, worse themselves.”


“Have you finished?”


Nikodim arched his eyebrow.


“Tomorrow you have to go to hospital. Am I right?”


“I was wrong about you. I figured you for honest man, but you are just an ordinary lout. Miss Nathalie I promise that I will visit you tomorrow. He turned back and came to the door, closing it in the opposite side.


“Why? Why you did that?” Said after a while Nathalie, breaking ruling in the room silent.


“Did what?” Said Jakow, turning his eyes from the door on the girl. Although his voice was calm, Nathalie felt that it was a risk to get into dispute with him.


“You provoked him.”


“I don’t have to explain myself…”


“To me.”


“To you.”


“Why you help me then?”


“There must be a reason? Just because.”


“There is always a reason.”


He gave her a cold smile.


“At first I thought that cat get your tongue, but it seems that I was wrong.”


“You said that Nikodim is coward and what’s with you?”


Jakow stiffened and with face that expressed no emotion said:


“I would be careful at your place.”


“Otherwise what? You hit me? You kick me out?


“It’s better method to harm woman, in the same time taking a pleasure.”


“No… You will not doing it.” Shaking her head, she took a step back.


“How you can be so sure?”


“Look at me. No one want me.”


He reached his hand and pulled her to himself. Staying close to him, Nathalie felt his warm breath on her ear.


“I look and have different opinion.”


She felt that her heart was racing. Did he said that she is pretty?


“You don’t like me.”  She whispered, trying to erase sprouted in her heart hope.


“Is it important? I’m a man. We can make love even, when we don’t love someone. Of course beauty is important, but in the end every woman have the same thing between her legs.”


He didn’t expect such reaction. She delivered him a strong slap across the face. He was surprised force, hiding in this small body. He slowly turned his head. Flame flickered behind his eyes. He watched her angry between dark strands of hair, but any words get out of his mouth.


“How dare you!” She shouted, letting tears of humiliation ran down her face. “How dare you say things like that to me?! You’re lecturing others, but you are not better! ”


“I don’t need your liking.”


He came to the door and closed it on the opposite site. She heard a sound of key. Having a bad feeling, she ran to the door and grabbed the handle, but unsuccessfully. The door didn’t want to open. She was locked.


“What are you doing?! Let me go! “She shouted, hitting the door. “Let me go!” She repeated, but no one answered her. She sunk on her knees and from her chest came out loud sob.





Wow, I noticed that I wrote it at the beginning of April O_o. I know that my English isn’t perfect, but what you think about plot and characters? :)