Hollow part 67 Jun16
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Hollow part 67



Are you really think that you are a master of your fate? What would you say, if I told you that you were wrong.

Akim, no longer young, but still good looking, rich man bought a new technology (machine that can cut many trees). He didn’t know that this simple decision not only will have an impact on his own life, but also change life of many others. There is also a girl. The girl, who want to discover who she really is and what is her role in this mess.

The man hunkered down on one knee and reached his hand toward Jakow. Jakow eyes rested on a well-tailored suit, silver chain fastened to the button of trousers and slightly hanging outside the pocket and he felt increasing anger. The wild fury took him in possession and bile flooded his heart.


By people like him he was lying, bleeding on this street. By people like him most people were dying and people like him lapped in luxury.


“I’m in your debt Mister.”  He said with hint of irony.


His wry comment didn’t work at stranger. He studied him with the same stone face. Maybe he was dressed well, but Jakow felt that under those elegant look was hidden dangerous man.


“I don’t expect from you anything Mister.” The man said, straightening and his calm and cold voice made a spectacular effect, piercing him from the inside.


Suddenly he made a painful grimace. He groaned and losing his balance, staggered forward.


 “But it seems that you need my help again.” The man said, trying to catch him.


Jakow pushed away, reaching hands.


 “I can handle it.”


The man studied him good one minute and then said:


“Don’t try to be brave.”


“I don’t try. I’m.”


The man ignored his words and asked:


“Where are you want to go in this condition?”


“As far as my feet will carry me.” He gave him a vague answers.


“Last time they carried you to the grave.”


“It won’t happen again.”


“I want to believe that. I want to help you Mister, but you are very stubborn man.”


“You also.”


“That’s true, but I’m not naive.  I don’t try to be brave, when I barely holding on my feet, in front of man, who just few minutes ago shot other man.”


“Are you threating me, Mister?”


“No, I just inform you.”


Jakow turned his head and smirked.


“You said before that you except anything for me. I highly doubted it. If you expect me to say “thank you”, you are wrong. And do you know why I not say it? Because I hate you! I hate people like you, rich people who don’t care of human’s life!”


“If for nothing I have human life, why I help you then?”


 “I don’t know, but one noble act, doesn’t wipe your faults.”


“That’s true.”


Jakow frowned.


“I don’t understand you, Mister. How you can be so calm? I insult you. Why you just don’t shot me?”


 “Life is more cruel than fast and simple death.”


Jakow bent his head. His jaw dropped slightly and lower lip covered the bottom row of the teeth, creating cynical smile.


 “You think I’m a coward, are you? He asking, raising his head.




The fake smile disappeared from Jakow’s face, giving place to surprise.


“I don’t hide, I’m impressed by you, Mister. I know a lot of people. Most of them probably hate me, but none of them had the courage to say it to my face. You are the second person. This kind of behavior is so much unfamiliar to me, that you even put me to shame, but just a little.”


Jakow looked at him carefully and then from his throat came laugh.


 “Incredible.” He laughed bitterly. “You are really something Mister. I hope that we won’t meet again.”


“It’s a pity, because I would gladly meet you again.”


Behind frowned eyebrows Jakow looked at standing in front of him man.


What a strange man. He thought.


Akim watched as hunched figure disappeared in darkness, when he heard a sound, coming from his back. He turned and came closer to the lying in the ground man.


“You should have let him to die, Mister.”


“In the place you’re going he won’t be bothering you again.”


“I won’t have to worry, but you… Hope your noble act, isn’t beginning of your end.”


 “You shouldn’t be worry.”


Not really understanding how, the man’s words have been weighing him. Sitting in the carriage he loosened his tie and unbuttoned top collar button. During ten minutes he three times ran his hand through hair. His fingers tightened, loosened, tightened, loosened and breath was irregular.


“Damn it!” He muttered. “It seems I become soft.”


The carriage stopped. Akim got out and lifting his head higher, froze. The house lighted up as  Christmas tree. He turned his head and saw, standing in front of the house vehicle. Horrible thought struck him. Feeling anxious pain in his stomach he quickly approached door and pressed doorbell. The bell sound called older servant.


 “My lord…” The man started, inviting him in the doorway, but Akim even not looked at him, ignoring his concerned face. He just passed him and with pressed lips he quickly ran upstairs.


There he opened bedroom door and saw, sitting by the bed man. He, seeing him, got up from the chair.


“Mr Engelhardt…” He spoke, but he fell silent, seeing his face.


Akim came closer to the bed and clenching his fingers around the bed frame, looked at lying there small frame, the shadow of creature, whom he spent around ten years of his life, feeling how his heart have been broken into tiny pieces.