How much time I spent here ? :) Aug15
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How much time I spent here ? :)

Well… so much time!!!

For the first few months I sleep very bad. I was so excited that I forgot about my normal life. I got up every day very early – at 5 AM and lie down late.  I slept about four hours. Why so? Unfortunately, I was limited by time. Almost every day I had morning classes and then I had to run to the second study. In addition I always  dedicated my free time. When I have break between my classes I always tried to use them :)

It’s natural that I couldn’t function in this way so forth and I must work out a way. Because I spent a lot of time on this website, I had backlog of my studies. Fortunately, I was lucky. I always thanks God that people likes me. It’s important in life, but how others see you depends only on you. I think that my friends and teachers from university always see me as nice person, very active, who always do something new and have no time (hahaha… honestly, I don’t think if this is good ^^).  The truth is that the longer you study, than more you don’t want do it. Grade don’t have matter to you (unless you want to have scholarship :P). Over this years I learned that the most important are skills, because in life you will do so many different things :) and it’s cool when you do things that will help you to grow.

back to the topic

Fortunately, I passed the semestr :) (YAY!!!!) but I put a lot of work in it heh :/  Fortunately, next semesters were pretty good for me, because the number of hours decreased by half and I can concentrate on the website and my current work.

Many people ask me how I cope with so many things. I don’t know. I think that the key is good organization. Personally I’m not this kind of person. I’m not orderly, but in my life I must do so many things that require for me good organization and  I always tried to do my best.

Guys, I don’t know your plans for today, but I’m doing a barbecue with fiends. The weather are wonderful today and I don’t want to waste it :) I wish you all lovely day!


Raff :)