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Let’s write story together :) – END

Update: Thank you very much for participated in this “small” competition. Soon, I’ll public your work and we will choose together the best one :)

Say goodbye to creative message and concentrate on your own story

Let’play a game :) I’ll start a story and you must continue it, using max 10 sentence (one short scene – not whole story!).  Send your work via e-mail. You have time to: 9.12.2015. Those, who send me a message can receive an invitation. After 9.12 – I’ll public your ideas, and we will choose together the best one.

e-mail: [email protected]

Mary is a single woman, about 30. She lives with her cat Thomas in her parents house. Her father died when she was 7. Her mother passed away year ago. Mary’s mother always bear a grudge against her mother (Mary’s grandmother), that she couldn’t lived how she wanted to. She wanted to protect her daughter (Mary) from the same miserable life, but she couldn’t make it….


Good luck!