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Hello guys!

My vacation will end soon and I’m think about new updates. I often read that some of you want to share with other their scans that’s why I’m curious if anyone would like to help. Below I made out magazines that I need. Let me know, if someone have one of them.  If not, I will try to buy them.

1. Cocohana 2015/9

2. Cheese! 2015/9

3. Sylph 2015/9

4. Hana to Yume 2015 8/5

5. You 2015/8

6. Flowers 2015/9

7. Betsuma 2015/8

8. Betsucomi 2015/8

9. Sho Comi 2015 8/5

10. Asuka 2015/9

11. Bessatsu Hana to Yume 2015/9

12. Cookie 2015/9

13. Zero Sum 2015/9

14. GFantasy 2015/8

15. Lala 2015/9

PS. If there was a new edition of Margaret from second half of July ? I have only issue from the beginning of month. I’ll add it when I come back.

How to send them to me?

You can upload image files to any file sharing portal and send me the link via email: [email protected]

I will be grateful for any help :)


Raff :)