Himitsu no Ai-chan

Baka description:

Reo is tomboy Aiko’s rival, and Ai strives to beat him in everything – like basketball and popularity – but her efforts always fail with Reo always coming out on top. Then one day, she sees her break come through: her brother offers her a job at his maid cafe! But how will tomboy Ai ever be able to pass off as a cute maid? With a wig and a bit of makeup, this becomes possible. She’s so much of a different person, even Reo doesn’t recognize her! But things start becoming strange when Reo shows interest in her, asking out “Mai” on a date. Ai agrees, with plans in mind to get him to fall in love with her so she can later dump him. Will Ai finally win over Reo, or will her plan backfire just like her many others?

Have fun!

Japanese raws:

chapter 58 here end
chapter 57 here
chapter 56 here
chapter 55 here
chapter 54 here
special chapter here
chapter 53 here
chapter 52 here
chapter 51 here
chapter 50 here
chapter 49 here
chapter 48 here
chapter 47 here
chapter 46 here
chapter 45 here
chapter 44 here
chapter 43 here
chapter 42 here
chapter 41 here
chapter 40 here
chapter 23-39 soon
chapter 22 here new
chapter 21 here new
chapter 20 here new
chapter 19 here new
chapter 18 here new

Chinese scans :

here/here ( thanks to @Aliza )

Other names:

비밀의 아이
Aikos Geheimnis (German)
El Secreto de Ai (Spanish)
Le Secret d’Aiko (French)
Secretive Ai
Secretive Ai-chan