Sakurasaku Shoukougun

Baka description:
Childhood friends Wakatake and Kagetora meet again after not seeing each other for more than 8 years.Wakatake is a boy who takes his studies extremely seriously, studying to take over his parents’ clinic one day.Kagetora is an impulsive girl, who spends most of her time fighting outside on the streets, instead of the classroom.Now that Kagetora has decided to enter one of the most prestigious high schools of the country in order to pursue the love of her life, she needs Wakatake to help her to pass the entrance test…
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Japanese raws:

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chapter 13 here
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Other names:

Cherry Blossom-Blooming Syndrome
Exam-Success Syndrome
Sakurasaku Shoukougun (Syndrome)
Sakurasaku Syndrome