Zettai Karen Children

Baka description:

It’s the 21st century, and the number of ESPers continues to increase. They are active in the military, diplomacy, politics, and in other places. They hold the key for global competition. A country that controls ESP can control the world! However individuals who posses higher than Level 4 are less than 3% of the population. There are only three Level 7 people who have government contracts. These three are Kaoru, Aoi, and Shiho, ten-year old girls, who work for B.A.B.E.L. With the guidance of Kouichi, a twenty-year old genius, they catch criminals and evil ESPers.

Have fun!

Japanese raws:

chapter 377 here
chapter 376 here
chapter 375 here
chapter 374 here
chapter 373 here
chapter 372 here
chapter 371 here
chapter 370 here
chapter 369 here
chapter 368 here
chapter 377 here

Other names:

Absolutely Lovely Children
Lovely Children
Psychic Squad
Totally Lovely Children