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My first story – episode 1

Like I said in previous post and even earlier I wrote this story to improve my English. At first I want to say that I’m not a writer. I have a little experience in writing. I wrote some stories when I was in primary school, later I practiced another forms. I did my best, but to be honest, it wasn’t easy. Unfortunately, I had to change some things that I originally wrote in my own language because I had no idea how to wrote it.

Anyway, have a good read :)



The huge noise reigned at Pomir Zemin’s hause, liks nobleman. His only daughter, Ezmir Zemin this day turned 18. On this occasion Pomir gave a big feast for which he invited all important people from the surrounding villages.

Ezmir was a very beautiful girl. Not too low, not too high. Someone would said that she was just perfect. She had big brown eyes and blond, long hair which she always tied in a braid. In love which her were everyone: both young, old, muts, crippleds, nobles and peasantry, because she was a girl with a big heart.

To Pomir’s hause arrived a lot of people to fold Ezmir best wishes and when the last guest crossed threshold of the Pomir’s house, they heard the sounds of a horses hooves.

“And who the devil carries,” said the Pomir, when he was getting up from his chair.

The door opened and unknown man entered the hall, dressed like a nobleman.

“Greetings my Lord,” said the man. He took off fur cup from his head and bowed low.

“I’m Radwan. Jackdows coat of arms,” said the man. “Me and my people were caught in huge snowstorm, I ask for a stay.”

Pomir squinted his eyes. The eyebrows wrinkled as he watched the man very attentively. Suddenly a big smile appeared on his face. He spread his arms apart, in a welcome gesture and said aloud “I can’t refuse you a stay, because that would be unworthy of a nobleman,and so our customs and habits order. Please stay with us. Today is an important day. My daughter’s 18th birthday. Let me treat your arrival as a good sign”

Radwan sat down at the table. A maid poured him wine to the glass.

“For my daughter!” shouted Pomir and pulled the glass for a toast.

“For a young Lady” answered guests.

Pomir put the glass against his mouth and in one gulp drank the content. Then he threw the glass to the ground. Other lords did the same things , because the old custom ordered to knock a goblet to the ground for a good luck.

Then the cook passed a big boar and the maids brought more food and drinks.

“What brings you here my Lord?” asked Pomir. He was staring at young man attentively as if he wanted in the depths of his soul to look.

“I return from Valika. I am carrying a message,” said Radwan. He was looking directly into Pomir’s eyes.  “Our enemies relayed the fortress” Here he stopped for a little…and then added “No one had been spared”.

The silence descended in all of the hall. Fell silent the laughter and courtship. The sadness appeared at gathered faces. Even old Bohr, terrible chatterbox and the biggest gossip in the all Dranaeth was silent for a moment to honor the fallen.

Pomir turned his eyes above. And when he was making cross sign, he said “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holly Spirit, Amen”.

“Amen,” responded the guest

And again there was a silence

Suddenly someone forcefully hit the table. So strongly that the glass with wine overturned and the goblet fell down on the floor. All eyes turned to Drago, young nobleman.

Drago was a very cunning man, very brave, from his impetuous famous. There wasn’t any women in Dranaeth that will not blush under the gaze of his eyes, because in this eyes all nature of this man be concealed. Both wildness and beauty, but this man only one woman in his heart had, Ezmir Zemin,  the girl beautiful like angel and our birthday girl.

“Betrayal!!!!” shouted Drago holding one hand on the side and another hand holding on the table. “Our king abandoned us. Left us for the death. This woman from Tuwarks has made a mess in his head .  How I, the liks nobleman, the Uzars my brother can call!? How can I be still, when Morgs close to our hauses are and for our lives lie in wait!? “

Pomir listen carefully. He didn’t lower his eyes from Drago.

“Our duty is to serve the king,” said calmly Radwan. “I could use your words against you and put you, my Lord, before the court, because you to revolt calls”.

Drago looked at Radwan, then lowed his head and laughed quietly, little jeeringly. Then again he looked at Radwan, straightened and said to him with a sneer “It seems, my Lord, that you stayed with Uzars too long. Here in Dranaeth,we serve ourselves and only God can judge us”

“Then I will be your God” said Radwan

Drago turned pale on his face. Suddenly, the huge anger overcome him. He pulled out his sword and said: “Try”

Seeing the situation, Slava, Pomir’s wife said, “Dear Lords. Let us put aside our dispute. Let’s play. MUSIC!!!!!WINE!!!!!!” she shouted at the maids.

Drago first looked at Ezmir, then he threw a glare at Radwan and sat again.

The cheerful atmosphere got back to the hall again. The lords asked ladies to dance, the ladies asked lords. Ezmir couldn’t break her ayes away from the newcomer. Radwan noticed that. He smiled to the girl warmly and then he stood up and came to the girl. When he was near her, he was falling to her feet and asked for a dance. Ezmir blushed under the influence of his blue eyes. She gave him her hand and both went to dance.

The man proved an excellent dancer and she also was very good. They were a perfect couple. Both young, wealthy and beautiful.

Only one person sitting at the table wasn’t delighted by this sight. And the dark eyes threw a glance, once with desire to a girl and once with a hated at Radwan.

“Beautiful couple,” whisper Fmir, the old nobleman, to Pomir. “You will have a good son in law, if this marriage will took a place. It seems that they liked each other. This is a rich man. It seems that quiet important person. It will be a good marriage for the Zemins family.”

“The God will decide” said Pomir and looked at Ezmin and newcomer.

“Zemins have a big treasure in their house,” said Radwan smiling warmly to Ezmir. “If I was your father I would hold you in the closing and told to watch you. Because I would be afraid that any devil will steal you“.

 “You are a big liar my Lord,“ said Ezmir and laughed merrily

“God is my witness that I’m telling you the truth,” said Radwan

“In that case you are not religious,” said Ezmir.

“God has a lot of faces,” continued Radwan.

“And you?… which one do you believe in?” Asked Ezmir and her eyes shined merrily

“I believe in myself,“ said Radwan.

Ezmir looked at Radwan attentively and said seriously, “If my father would hear you…he would order to throw you away, my Lord.”

“And you?” asked Radwan and looked at the girl very carefully.

Ezmir was very confused. She looked to the right… then to the left. Suddenly she held up her pretty head and said quietly, “I would not.” And ashamed lowered her head.

Radwan laughed heartily. He took the girl harder and both of them focused on music.

At the night, when all guests came back to their houses, Pomir couldn’t sleep. He was sitting at the room where pictures of his ancestors hung and said to them, ”I swear for my honor, that I will not give my daughter to just anyone”

End of part 1