My story – PROLOGUE Mar12
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My story – PROLOGUE

Like I said in previous post I need to practice my English more that’s why I’ll  write also another story 😛

Have a good read ><



Once upon a time in a small village live a young boy. Because he was very poor one day he decided to left his village and went to the nearest town to look for some work. On the way, terrible storm caught him. The boy hid under the gigantic oak. Because he was afraid of his clothes he take them off and hid them in the tree hollow. When it stopped raining he get dressed back and continued his journey.

At the crossroads he met devil,who was sitting on a stone. Young boy – said the devil, how this happen that it rained and you don’t have on your clothes any drop?I live so many years and I never see something like this. Could you please tell me how you did this?Mister – said young man, I will tell you only if you will teach me all magic that you know. Devil agreed.

Years passed.When young man finally fathomed all magic knowledge devil said: I have taught you everything, now you have to teach me your magic. The young man kept his words. When devil heard that he was cheated, he got angry. He waved twice his tail and disappeared. Since then no one has never meet him and boy again.

End of part 1