New interesting title from Ayumura Yuki :) Aug14
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New interesting title from Ayumura Yuki :)

Hello guys,

Sorry, for my low activity, but I’m working very hard :)

I want to show you new title from Sylph that interested me. I’m sure that for many for you this line style is familiar :)

Yes, this is the same author of:

Aoki Umi no Torawarehime (I looooooooove it!!!!!)


and Ookami Koushaku no Kyuukon (I have only first volume. Honestly, I don’t like it.)


first one is already translated, next no :(

Katakoi Miboujin chapter 1

image45178 image45179 image45180

It seems that this is another romance where main girl was a wife and she lost her husband, she is still high school girl and for now she must live together which her husband younger brother and her aunt. It seems also that this guy love  her but she still love her dead husband.

That’s end :p

I know, the plot isn’t new and there are so many similar titles (usually I also avoid this kind of manga – although I  love tragedy! :D), but main guy looks hot ^^ I will be waiting for new issue of Sylph. I hope that author will not disappoint me this time.

Have a lovely weekend! 😀