RAFFCALENDAR 2017 – contest :) Dec17
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RAFFCALENDAR 2017 – contest :)

Hello :)

Yes, yes, there will be the second edition 😀 Because last event was a success (My family was happy. I was happy ^^) I decided to make similar contest one more time. A year ago the main topic was: “The fist love” this time will be “Countryside.” Why this topic? Well, I will be honest. I’m not original^^ I checked that next year will be year of the rooster :)

The event is open for everyone. This is also a good chance for those who want an account. The rules are the same as always. Everyone, who want an account, have to send me link with his/her work via facebook + short info about yourself.

Details about contest below:

TOPIC: “Countryside”
Competition rules: We need to choose the best 12 artworks (12 images = 12 months).
– 3 will be chosen by your votes (“Likes”),
– 9 by me. My preference 😉

You have time to 10th January 2017.

Prize: From this 12 images I will create calendar that will be ready to download and print if someone want to. I will promote winners on Otakumole homepage for entire month :)

What is prohibited:
– hentai
– lolicon
– gore
– and any other adult content

Drawing style:
– any

How we are voting and where to send our artworks?
– Upload images on Mangaido ( http://mangaido.com ) (“Artbooks” section)
– Every image should have tag: raffcalendar2017
– You can vote using “Likes” on this website.

Can I add more than one art?
yes, you can

PLEASE PUT YOUR SIGNATURE IN RIGHT BOTTOM OF IMAGE – first of all we appreciate the authors.
Later, winners should also send me some info about themselves, which I’ll also add in our calendar.

REMEMBER:This must be your own artworks. Not something that you only colored or copied!



Raff :)