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authors: Raff, Katarina Vidic

Mary is a single woman, about 30. She lives with her cat Thomas in her parents house. Her father died when she was 7. Her mother passed away a year ago. Mary’s mother always bear a grudge against her mother (Mary’s grandmother), that she couldn’t lived how she wanted to. She wanted to protect her daughter (Mary) from the same miserable life, but she couldn’t make it.

After mothers death the only reason what kept her alive is her cat Thomas that she loved dearly. But today is extremely painful day. She couldn’t bear the emptiness of her life in this cheerful time of year. She is tired waiting the day when death finally come for her so she decided to embrace the death herself. Climbing to the rooftop she noticed many people who possessed shining smile. “Ah, yeah”, she remembered,” Today is New Year”, but it doesn’t mean anything to her because she didn’t feel hope not even fear from jumping. She closed her eyes and she was ready to free herself from this cruel world but one word change everything “Stop”. She opened eyes and saw handsome man with messy black hair and green eyes like Thomas.

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Story 4

Though the strange man ,who’s appearance resembled her dear cat, Thomas, she couldn’t help it but feel torn in two. The more she gazed into his green coloured eyes the more she was lost, and confused. Than she suddenly lost her balance. About to fall to her death than all of a sudden time stops. Mary is confused. The man than asks her ” do you want to live? If so grab my hand, and become my puppet…”. Mary hesitates but soon realizes she does not want to die. She wants to live! She than reaches for the large, seemingly slender hand in front of her and grasps it tightly. The man who looks like Thomas than pulls her up. With a lock of her hair in his hand he says…….

Story 13

“Stop.” She opened her eyes to see a handsome man with messy black hair, and green eyes like Thomas. She looked at the man from head to toe with curiosity.

Who is this man? What is he doing here? Why does he remind me of someone I know?

These thoughts swirled in her mind like a whirlwind; taking her focus away from the step of death she was about to take.

“Exactly what do you think you’re doing?”

The man asked with a glint in his jade hued eyes.

“None of your business.”

Mary replied harshly– it’s not like this was the man’s business; she wanted to get this over with quickly, but now she had been rudely interrupted. Even if the man’s interruption was saving her life.

“I’m terribly sorry to bother you, and whatever it is that you’re doing, but I need you.”

The man replied nonchalantly.

“… Um I’m sorry, but I’m kind of in the middle of something, you should come back tomorrow.”

Mary said this fully aware that she would presumably not be here tomorrow if all went according to her plan.

“But you didn’t feed me.”

“Excuse me???”

“You left before dinner, but never left any food in my bowl, and you know how hungry I get.”

What the hell who is this weirdo 

“No offense, but I don’t know you. So please leave me alone.”

“……. it’s me.”

“Who’s me??”

“Thomas? Your cat.”


Before Mary was able to contemplate the sanity of this man a large thud interrupted their conversation. She jolted due to the noise, and before she knew it she found herself slipping. Her eyes widened and all she could think about was how she had forgotten to feed her cat Thomas. She realized in the few seconds before her inevitable fall that if she didn’t feed Thomas, no one would, and he would most likely die of starvation. The one thing that had kept her alive until now would die due to her own selfish desires.


She shouted as she began to fall over the side of the building. She closed her eyes. Wasn’t this the end she wanted? Isn’t this how it should be? After all nothing could fill the emptiness that resided within her. Wouldn’t this cure it? Tears left her eyes as she had begun to realize that she wouldn’t be able to look at those green eyes anymore.


She whispered delicately. The word was so quiet that the wind carried it away once it had left her lips. Soon all she felt was darkness, and she remembered no more.

“Mary? Mary?? MARY?”

Mary jolted awake.

“Huh, what? What happened? Where am I?”

Mary had remembered the events that had occurred, but shouldn’t she be dead? She sat up quickly, but all she saw in front of her was her cat Thomas. The cat looked at her with a glint in it’s jade hued eyes. It almost seemed like he was smiling….

Story 18

She looked at him like he was a ghost.

”Who are you?!” She shouted in a fit of anger.

”I should be dead right now, I should be the one to be dead right now! Why did you stop me??!!”

”Who…who the hell are you?!” she cried.

The most important person in her life, no longer exist. She can’t see her anymore she can’t hear her voice anymore, how can she even be able to move forward?

The man looked at her with his green eyes, and then he say ” Do you really think that your mother want you to keep her company in the grave?”

He gazed at her like he can see everything through her.

”Sorry, but you have to suffer more, life isn’t something that easy”

He got up and came toward her.

It was as if she were hypnotized by him.

Now, just a few centimeters separated them, slowly he raises her chin.

”You can choose death or me” he whisper.

Then, he kissed her.

Story 21

She didn’t know what to say to the man, who resembled her cat. Mary’s eyes gave away the bewilderment and she was lost for words. Thousands of thoughts came into her mind and she couldn’t think properly. After a few seconds she regained herself and wanted to say something. Her voice trembled with fear. “Who are you?”, she said, while she was looking straight into his emerald green eyes. The handsome man stepped lightly a bit forward and opened his mouth: “Don’t even think about jumping!” “You didn’t answer my damn question!”, Mary replied loudly with a hinch of anger. “It’s me Thomas!”, he told Mary. She couldn’t believe it and was angry about the false statement. Mary jumped quickly and closed her eyes. Suddenly, she felt a strong grip on her arm. She opened her eyes and she was seeing Thomas, who had wrapped his body closely around Mary’s one. Mary looked down to earth and saw a black hole, that was coming near….

Story 10

Slowly she backed away from the edge of the rooftop and looked upon the handsome man, “where did he come from ?” she thought. “I dont remember seeing anyone else up here when i came up the stairwell. ”  The handsome man began to speak again, “please, don’t do it.”  Mind your own business!” Mary said, I dont even know you, and how do you know my name?” Silence greeted her, he just stared at her with those piercing green eyes. Looking closer at the familiar green eyes, she thought she seen a shimmer in the corner of one…is that a tear? for me? No one cares about me, the only one that ever cared for her was gone now..why would a handsome man like him cry for me? Mary thought to herself,  surely he must have me confused with someone else, or is he one of those goody goodies that just wants to help any pitiful person they see…that must be it!, he must have seen me and thought how pitiful i must be…angrily Mary said: “I’m sorry but I have no idea who you are or what you are doing here, but please leave me alone, I dont need your pity, and I dont need your help! If you must know why I am doing this then fine, I will tell you.  I hate this life, and all the people who are happy and living so care free why I am lef to suffer alone, you see i just lost my most precious companion today and I wish to join him in the afterlife, so if you are planning to stop me you are wasting your time.  Go find someone else to feel sorry for. He was the only reason I was able to make it through this long and now that he is gone I have no reason to stay

Story 8

She desperately counted the seconds delivering her from the thought that, mayb,e it was just a dream, a knot in her stomach. Thomas… It couldn’t be… A hand massaged her shoulder, interrupting her mind’s ravings :

« Mary ! » a warm voice said.

Could she be that lucky ? Could it be possible that her dear cat, the only living entity  that made her feel like nothing in her life was missing, materialized into this awfully cute guy ? He was looking at her in a way that started to make her unconfortable.

« Don’t do that ! » he said with an insistent look.

She felt a lump in her throat. Something was definitely wrong. An intuition just awaken. And as intense waves of sadness submerged her,  she observed not an ounce of good will in his eyes.

« Let me be » she said, swallowing with difficulty.

Story 14

Mary’s eyes widened in surprise. Soon enough, though, she recovered from the shock. He couldn’t be Thomas. That was impossible. Besides, miracles don’t happen. She knew that all too well.

“Mary, don’t do this.” He said. His voice was soft and low, almost like Thomas’ purrs. “I need you.”

Yet Mary refused to belive that he was really her cat. It couldn’t be. Miracles don’t happen to her. “Who are you?” She asked. Her voiced trembled, but she didn’t knew why. She wasn’t afraid, not anymore anyway. Even if this strange-but-familiar man were to harm her, it wouldn’t matter. She was going to end it. She will end it. So why the hesitation, why the slight tremble in her voice?

Story 12

The man stand with his sullen face. He said “wait, before you do that little jump, give me my food first, though my box is full.”

mary stunned. “You .. you are?”

He pull her down and bring mary’s hand to his mouth and licked. Without any words he just looked Mary with his clear green eyes. Unconsciously, Mary knows.. this man is someone so close to her, someone so precious and dear. So, without being able to hold back her tears, Mary let go her sadness, sobbing in the arms of stranger yet familiar man.

Slowly Thomas bring his hands up embracing his owner body, bringing himself close and inhaled the fragrance of Mary’s. Finally i can embrace you like this.. don’t cry, don’t cry.. I’ll take care of you.. and let out “till the end i will always be yours.” he tightened his hug.


From far far away, far away in space out there, in the middle of clear blue sky, there was sparkling wings flapping melodious whose owner smile suspicious!

Story 2

Was she delirious, was she seeing things. That man resembled Thomas but that couldn’t be possible because afterall Thomas is just a cat. “I know what you are about to do and it is not worth it, please come down from there,” said the man with the black hair and green eyes. That is exactly what she needed at that moment. Someone to hold her back from doing something she would ultimately regret. She eventually climbed down from the rooftop. Her mind and her heart were so heavy that she fainted.

*Next day*

She woke up just to find out it was all a dream. Thomas her cat snuggled close to her, and she told him all about the dream. But the next thing that happened gave her a shock. A stranger opens the front door of her house. He was a tall man with green eyes and black hair. He looked odly familiar. Just like the guy from her dream. “Your mother Mary sent me here just before she died…”

Story 15

In that fragment of moment, she barely have hope of something in his life, he resemblance the only thing that have a reason to keep her alive, Mary could not contain the tears that invade his face, the guy maintenance silent, walking very slow to her side, the moment he came near to her, he embrace her very strong, the only thing that came to Mary mind in that moment was the sweet perfume that emanate this Thomas…..

Story 17

He was mesmerizing, possessing cat-like features and a sharp stare that seemed to pierce into Mary’s soul, rendering her unable to move. The lanky, slim man approached her with a sauntering grace and a posture poised alike to one of a cat’s tail.

“Hello Mary”, he spoke softly.


“I have come here to accompany you”

Accompany her? After a long, miserable life without anyone now someone decides to come and approach her. After a period of time dealing with depression and social anxiety, now someone decides to try to help her, to change her mind?

“Wh-ho are you? Don’t come closer! I am done with this life, I am tired of being alone!”

“But Mary, you had me…”

Mary’s eyes widened, “…Thomas?”

This morning Mary found that Thomas had passed away, looking as if he was under a peaceful dream. What was meant to be a season of joy, in an instant crumbled into ashes. She could not cope anymore, everyone she had ever loved had left her, alone.

Their eyes locked for a while and as she turned the rest of her body to face him, a false step has caused her to slip off the edge of the rooftop into an abyss of smile-less people underneath.



“Thomas! Thomas!!!”

“I won’t leave you alone any longer Mary, I promise.”

The man jumped…

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