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Stories 1/5 – Let’s write story together

I asked you about writing continuation to my entry story. The idea is to write a story together. We choose the best continuation and later we will decide what to do with it.

I received 45 of your stories. I randomly divided them (RAND() in Excel) into 5 groups of 9 stories each. Now we choose the best story from each group. Later we will choose the best one from 5 best stories. At this stage all stories are anonymous – we choose the best one, not the best friend ;P We vote using poll on the bottom of each story groups page. You can vote till December 22 12:00 am (UTC/GMT).

Stories group 1/5

Random order

Entry story:

“Mary is a single woman, about 30. She lives with her cat Thomas in her parents house. Her father died when she was 7. Her mother passed away a year ago. Mary’s mother always bear a grudge against her mother (Mary’s grandmother), that she couldn’t lived how she wanted to. She wanted to protect her daughter (Mary) from the same miserable life, but she couldn’t make it…”

Story 23

After a few months, Mary saw an old notebook under her mother’s bed, it was her mother’s diary. The diary contained her mother’s lifestyle, from her childhood until the day before she died. She read it and an idea hit her. “What if i try to do the things my mother experienced that made her life miserable?” and she started doing it, from being a waitress in the weekdays and a laundrywoman in the weekends. These became her routine for 3 months, then she became a bartender and a chambermaid in a five star hotel. After 2 months of being a chambermaid Mary met Zach…

Story 11

The truth was, Mary, and her mother, and her grandmother, all suffered from the same condition of ‘dwarfism’, passed down through genetics. Mary’s grandmother worked in the circus; somehow she was able to come to terms with and accept her body, even profit from it. Her grandmother was a steely woman, and the toughest Mary had ever known. On the other hand, her mother resented being teased and bullied and ostracised for her size all her life, and when she had Mary, she had hoped – but alas, Mary was also born a dwarf. Thus, Mary had to make an incredibly difficult choice – never to have children, lest her children, too, be dwarves. She would not wish that upon her worst enemy. To this day she continues to live with her lovely cat Thomas, who is all she needs for company, as she continues to tell herself. But sometimes she peruses various stories and art, and while she gazes at couples in loving embrace, her heart aches.

Story 21

But she couldn’t make it as she wished because she was too worried about Mary. Mary wanted to live on her own but she didn’t allowed to do it. Even after Mary got boyfriend, she strongly opposed them to get together as she thought he was not good enough for her daughter. When Mary’s mother was young, she was also done same thing like that from her mother. At first, she intended to let Mary live freely. However, after her husband died she changed. She thought she needed to get together to protect this family. As a result, till she died she didn’t even realized that she did the same things to her daughter that she used to hate.

Story 9

A reality. Mary was often looked after by her grandmother because her mother was often so busy with work. After school Mary always had to go straight home. She was never able to make friends because of her shy demeanor and tight curfew. When Mary entered high school she found an abandoned cat on the side of the road and befriended it. The cat was her only friend and the only thing to give her happiness in life other than her mother’s time. After graduating high school Mary went straight to work and found a job at a local store. Recently there has been a new employee at the store that has caught her attention. His name was Haru and he was training under her when he first started the job. He often made conversation with Mary, offered to walk her home or buy her a meal but she always rejected his offer. One day…

Story 32

When Mary went to college she decided to be a teacher and she made it really well. Mary always liked to teach and instruct to everyone so she thought that being a teacher was the best idea and in that way she also could avoid her solitary life for a little hours per day, being around of kids and teens, but the truth was Mary now had enough with her cat, Thomas. Since ever it was really hard to Mary to made friends, she never knew how to talk to other people looking interest of what they say, it was too boring for Mary, all the persons she knew were the same, to much bla bla bla of their problems or presume about God know what. The only person who Mary had a little of conversation was with her mother, but just a little. The men who Mary dated were worse, all of them were just jerks what the only thing they do were complain about their stupid lifes and annoy to have sex; Mary fastly gave up of having a boyfriend or a lover, thinking that it didn´t worth it for complicate her life.

The years passed and Mary had the same social life as ever. Mary´s mother passed away exactly a year ago as a new school year started and she was designed to a class of junior year, being the first time that she will had students of sixteen and seventeen years, but the only thing that Mary cared was that they weren´t to much noisy.

A couple of months pass away and it was normal like always to Mary. Until a day when all change: at the end of November, on a break from classes, one of his students, Brad something (Mary was really bad with the last names), asked her if she could talk with him in private, of couse Mary said yes. The less thing that Mary expected was a love confession, but he did it, with a blush on him face, Brad said to Mary that he was falling for her.

Story 22

Alone in her parents house, Mary realized what a miserable yet a bittersweet life she had. Staring silently at an old portrait reminicing the precious memories she had with her parents. She sighed, chuckled and said “Am I really all by myself now? I miss you both mom and dad.” The loneliness made her emotional, she still can’t accept that her mother is gone now even though it’s been a year. So she decided to sell the house for her to finally moved on and start a new life.

While she’s busy cleaning and packing her things up she found a letter, an unopened letter. She opens it and to her surprise it was from her mother saying “I am sorry but i need to do it for your sake, I am so sorry that i’ll be going ahead, if only that it should be me instead of you having that illness and I’m sorry that i couldn’t be by your side, i need to do it because i can’t bear it if i also lost you just like when i lost my mother…” Little by little her memories began to regain, a time wherein a 28 yr old Mary found out that her mother volunteered to donate her heart for her daughter that is suffering heart problem which is a family hereditary from her mother’s side (her grandmother). This is the reason why her mother hold a grudge to her grandmother, for leaving her behind at an early age and for passing the illness, she just wanted to have a normal life for her and her daughter. After knowing the whole story she was in state of shocked and can’t believe what happened, she continued to blame herself, cried, become emotionally unstable, stressed until she had to shut the awful memories and muttered “I’m sorry”.

Story 35

By the help of an angel named Lily, her mother came back as a cat who’s currently under Mary’s care! With a disadvantage of being a cat whom humans can’t understand, how will she able to protect her daughter (Mary), from the dangerous side of the world? The story continues as an optimistic single woman Mary who dreams to have a happy family someday, little by little gains friends, and.. suitors? How will Mary face an outside world of having friends, alone? Will she be able to meet someone who will make her heart race? How will her mother (as Thomas) will guide her daughter in the life she wasn’t introduced in? A little slice of enjoyment will be seen as a peek to heaven while Mary’s mother strives to come back to her daughter for she have so many regrets for not protecting her daughter enough, and how Lily (The Angel), helped her getting back in to life as Thomas (Mary’s cat) and who will they be meeting that fulfill her wish to continue protecting her daughter (Mary).

Story 4

It was exactly 1 year from the time her mother passed away and she saw Thomas doing weird sounds towards her mother’s old room. Her curiosity led her entering the loneliest place in their house and then she saw a letter address to her in the most familiar handwriting of her beloved mom. And it says… “My dearest Mary, if i happen to leave you before you meet someone who will take you away from this house, I want you to look at the address in necklace of Thomas. Inside the heart pendant is the dream you and i have always imagined long time ago. Go there and leave my mother, she will surely do whatever it takes to make you like me. Love and being love is the happiest feeling this world can offer. Life is short and do not hesitate this time because it has been prepared for you to meet him.” Her tears begun to roll down her cheeks” will she grant her mother’s request?…

Story 5

She always said, “just do what you want, dont have to sit so stiffly like an ojou-sama.”She said, I’m not like your grandmother, I let you do all you want. However, Mary admired how elegant her grandmother was. One day, Mary found her first love. He was handsome, rich, and smart. Anything that you can expect in a man. The only problem is, he is rich. Her mother said, “Don’t have to push yourself to date someone you don’t really love. Do you know how important true love is. Money can’t buy it. Your father couldn’t do that, and neither can that boyfriend of yours. “She said that over and over again, all day and even before Mary went to sleep every night. She even got nightmares from it. Later then, Mary got so irritated that she just wanted to stop her mother saying no matter what. Then her mother said. That’s simple, seeing you happy wt someone not so rich but know how to treasure you is something I want to see most. Then she broke up with the man. Several years later, Mary dated a lot of men. All of them are miserable, poor and ugly. Yet no one won her heart. Until the little cat Thomas appeared. He is penniless, which means he is poor. He loves cuddling, which means he likes her. And she loves him so much. That makes them a perfect pair .Then Mary lives with Thomas happily ever after. The end. I thought I would make something like Thomas is actually a man under a curse or a youkai something.

Stories group 1/5

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  • Story 32 (7%, 5 Votes)
  • Story 9 (5%, 4 Votes)
  • Story 21 (4%, 3 Votes)
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  • Story 23 (9%, 7 Votes)

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