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Stories 3/5 – Let’s write story together

I asked you about writing continuation to my entry story. The idea is to write a story together. We choose the best continuation and later we will decide what to do with it.

I received 45 of your stories. I randomly divided them (RAND() in Excel) into 5 groups of 9 stories each. Now we choose the best story from each group. Later we will choose the best one from 5 best stories. At this stage all stories are anonymous – we choose the best one, not the best friend ;P We vote using poll on the bottom of each story groups page. You can vote till December 22 12:00 am (UTC/GMT).

Stories group 3/5

Random order

Entry story:

“Mary is a single woman, about 30. She lives with her cat Thomas in her parents house. Her father died when she was 7. Her mother passed away a year ago. Mary’s mother always bear a grudge against her mother (Mary’s grandmother), that she couldn’t lived how she wanted to. She wanted to protect her daughter (Mary) from the same miserable life, but she couldn’t make it…”

Story 16

Soon after her mother’s death, Thomas soon fell ill. Overtaken by her mother’s abrupt death and the illness inflicting her cat, Mary’s life soon began to fall apart. The local vet couldn’t determine what the cause of the illness was and, after traveling to nearby towns, the other vets would dumbfounded. They had never seen anything like this. Mary didn’t know what to do. She was about to give up after reaching the last destination, her last hope of curing her dearly loved cat. This vet had an unusual method of treating animals but he was the one all other vets went to when seeking for advice. Creating a mix of herbs, the vet used it on Thomas and told Mary that he’ll be okay. Mary thought that it was weird that the vet knew for certain but the following morning, Thomas was up and about. Intrigued. She had to find out who the vet was and, thus, begins her adventure.

Story 26

That’s why Mary’s mother’s spirit still lingers here on earth even though she’s already dead. She couldn’t leave Mary until she knows that her daughter would be having a great life. Mary sometimes visits her grandma but as always she is not welcome. Mary’s grandma named Leila felt miserable and disheartened when her daughter died. She regretted it that she wasn’t able to mend their relationship and not being able to tell her the truth. One day, Mary went the cemetery because it is her mother’s death anniversary. When she reached the cemetery Mary saw a man standing in front of her mother’s grave that looked like her dead father?!!!

Story 34

Her future had been written in ink. Mary was  the only child of the family and  ever since her father’s death she was sent to live with her grandmother. They had a distant relationship  and she  always  felt lonely, that’s why she couldn’t help the feeling of isolation and restlessness that sometimes came over her. That night, exactly a year since her mother death, Mary had woken up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, panting, as if she had been running in her dreams. Through the window  the sky seemed a little too dark and intimidating to offer any comfort, so she decided to go downstairs, and as she was going down a wild noise came from her back. Scared she ran down the stairs, feeling as if fingers were grasping her hair. The crazed sounds and the silent footsteps behind her made her hurry towards the frontdoor. With trembling hands, she tried to unlock the door and as she pushed it open, she screamed terrified as a shadow stood before her.

Story 10

She wanted to protect her daughter (Mary) from the same miserable life, but she couldn’t make it happen by remarrying Mary’s stepfather and passing away soon after. Luckily, Mary’s stepfather was kind and rich and sent Mary and her cat Thomas to live the life in California with a black card. Mary was feeling depressed in a new place without her mother and any friends but she soon became well acquainted with her neighbor, Liz. Mary and Liz had a lot in common and became fast friends, hanging out and laughing together everyday. Inspired by her cat Thomas, Mary decided to open a cat cafe with Liz, featuring delicious baked goods made by Mary, coffee brewed by Liz, and adorable cats for all to play with. After several happy months spent in the cat cafe, Mary suddenly received an angry phone call from her grandmother one day. She wanted Mary to stop being a spinster and marry a man she had chosen for her; so Mary met with the man to appease her grandmother, but found herself not at all attracted to the stuck-up man and could only think about meeting up with Liz. This made Mary realize that she thought of Liz as more than a friend and Liz soon revealed that she felt the same for Mary, they were in love and decided to get married in the cat cafe together. Although Mary’s grandmother was mad, she attended the wedding and after seeing how happy they were together, decided to grudgingly accept the union. With the blessing of her grandmother and stepfather, Mary and Liz were married on the birthday of Mary’s mother to honor her, and lived happily forever with their cat Thomas.

Story 14

So before Mary’s mother died she told Mary that stay away from her grandmother so she can be free and live the way she wanted to. So now Mary is living with tom (her cat) and working as a simple flower arranger. Everyday she wakes early, have breakfast with tom, watering plants in her mini garden, getting ready for work, takes the bus to go to work after work, goes to a convenience store buys food and goes home, prepare dinner, eat, play with tom, reads novel till she goes to sleep. That’s her daily life, but one day on her day off, she wokes up because there’s someone knocking on her door and when she opens it there was a man saying his greetings and there’s a woman standing in front of her and just standing there staring at her then she asks if who are they. Then the man introduce himself as named Mr. Philip and he introduce the woman and turns out to be her grandmother. She was shocked but she tell them to come inside and ask them to sit while she prepare some tea for the guests. while sitting face to face, Mr. Philip tell her what is the purpose of their visit, but suddenly her grandmother is the one talking, she wanted Mary to live with her and saying her forgiveness about what she did to her mother. and she says that while looking at Mary, all she can see is Mary’s mother, but Mary can’t think straight, she always think about what her mother told her about her grandmother. but her grandmother begged her and cried and she can’t refuse and that’s why she give in. so she packed her bags and took tom with her, and she call her best friend Amy to look at her mini garden while she’s away. When they arrived at her grandmother’s house, she was surprised that her grandmother lived in a huge house, then her grandmother brought her to her new room and she unpacked her things. After having dinner, her grandma and her went to the living room and both of them looking at her parents photo album. They talk and laugh, reminiscing and cried then bid good night, while she’s laying on the bed she thinks that her grandma is not that bad and goes to sleep smiling happily. She doesn’t know that after all the happy things happened all of that will turn into tragedy when she wakes up.

Story 33

Mary’s grandmother was millionaire. When she died, the family read her will. She had decided that Mary would be her heir. However she put a lot of conditions. Mary couldn’t eat sweets, she couldn’t arrive at home after 22:00… and she couldn’t fall in love until her 35th birthday. Mary spent her days with Thomas, without friends, reading love stories that she couldn’t make real

Story 25

It all started three months ago. Mary was just waiting for her friend whom she was supposed to hang out with in front of an empty, deserted school that was believed to be cursed by an evil witch. Suddenly, a woman in red dress approached her with a devious smile while holding a knife in her right hand who turned out to be her grandmother. Mary wanted to ask why her grandmother was right in front of her, but she was too startled with the bloody knife and her perplexing appearance she ran away instead. Three hours later, the police infromed Mary’s mother that her daughter was found with blood all over her face because she was discovered to have eaten her grandmother’s intestines while laughing. She was charged with killing and cannibalism. From that day on, Mary’s mother swore to take revenge upon her daughter’s imprisonment by murdering her grandmother’s favorite cow.

Story 17

Now Mary is forced to live with her grandmother which she completely loathed because she feels the same way her mother does. Although she feels that way a little part of her just feels that her grandmother is just trying to protect her mother from something rather someone. she is visiting her grandmother’s house and she sees a guy in a long black coat was just leaving the house. He looks very unfamiliar and suspicious. Mary is about to knock at the door but instead of her grandma opening the door another man in a long black coat did. Mary is now terribly terrified and confused on what’s going on. The man in the long black coat smiles and lets Mary in but she hesitates to go in. Scared and confused she entered the medium sized traditional house. She have a really bad feeling about this. As she scanned around her surroundings she sees her grandmother at the edge of the room knocked out cold and the second she sees this she knew that her feelings were right and now there is no escape as there are more of those guys guarding all the exits of the house.

Story 42

Although Mary’s life was harsh, with no father and now no mother, Mary never did bear a grudge against anyone for her slot in life. Mary was a hard-worker, but never particularly skilled in the academics. Her college degree landed her a mediocre job as an elementary mathematics teacher, but with the economy going so awful she recently was laid-off. One thing Mary had going for her though was her insane luck with games and a knack for probability. She’s noticed it since high school, whenever she played card games with her friends she’s always come out on top. A job as a casino card dealer is never safe, but now that it has come to this, unemployment with no family to lean on, it might be her best option. Recently Mary has gone job hunting and she’s finally landed an interview with one of the richest casinos in Las Vegas. Her interview you ask? The task of beating the highest ranked card dealer in a game of Texas Hold’em poker. “It’s do or die” Mary muttered under her breath, as her mouse inched towards the small blue “Accept” button on the screen.


Stories group 3/5

  • Story 42 (18%, 6 Votes)
  • Story 17 (9%, 3 Votes)
  • Story 25 (12%, 4 Votes)
  • Story 33 (9%, 3 Votes)
  • Story 14 (6%, 2 Votes)
  • Story 10 (3%, 1 Votes)
  • Story 34 (12%, 4 Votes)
  • Story 26 (18%, 6 Votes)
  • Story 16 (15%, 5 Votes)

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