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Stories 5/5 – Let’s write story together

I asked you about writing continuation to my entry story. The idea is to write a story together. We choose the best continuation and later we will decide what to do with it.

I received 45 of your stories. I randomly divided them (RAND() in Excel) into 5 groups of 9 stories each. Now we choose the best story from each group. Later we will choose the best one from 5 best stories. At this stage all stories are anonymous – we choose the best one, not the best friend ;P We vote using poll on the bottom of each story groups page. You can vote till December 22 12:00 am (UTC/GMT).

Stories group 5/5

Random order

Entry story:

“Mary is a single woman, about 30. She lives with her cat Thomas in her parents house. Her father died when she was 7. Her mother passed away a year ago. Mary’s mother always bear a grudge against her mother (Mary’s grandmother), that she couldn’t lived how she wanted to. She wanted to protect her daughter (Mary) from the same miserable life, but she couldn’t make it…”

Story 28

Mary has always known about her mother and grandmother’s bad relationship and wanted to know why. Since she was a decisive girl, she started to make plans right away on what excuse to make for making a sudden trip to her grandmother’s house. After all, during the time when her mother was still alive, she was rarely allowed to visit her grandmother. Mary then decided to bake some cookies for her grandma since she has always been very busy managing her small and yet popular tavern that she rarely took a break. ‘Perhaps some yummy and heartwarming cookies would help lighten up the mood enough and make her happy’, is what Mary thought. And so, Mary dusted off some old recipe book that she picked up from her parents’ room and flipped its pages. There was one page in the book that was especially tattered, and ‘Buttery green tea cookie’ were scribbled on top. In actuality, it’s not like Mary was a bad cook, but it’s just that sometimes she was a bit of a careless girl…this time it’s for special occasion, so she braved herself on making something she ordinarily doesnt make. Mary decided on that recipe and right away started preparing on the ingredients.

Story 1

Mary didn’t know that her mother had kept something from her, a big secret that would change her life forever. Her entire life Mary’s mother “Lucy” had lived according to her mother’s wishes (Mary’s grandmother “Maria”). Since Lucy did not have a chance to live her life the way she wanted it she wanted something different for her own daughter. With her passing away Mary was left all alone except for her cat Thomas. Before passing away Lucy, Mary’s mother had arranged it so that Mary would have her powers unsealed on her 31st birthday. In fact the thing that would change her life forever was finding out that she was a “white witch.” Her cat Thomas was her caretaker who looked over Mary and on her 31st birthday her powers were unsealed and the cat spoke to her. The cat revealed that Mary was the daughter of one of the most powerful witches in the world, not only that but she came from a line of white witches who used to hold a lot of power in a different realm. The reason Maria, Mary’s grandmother controlled Lucy was because she was to be queen of the white witches, but the moment she had passed away Lucy had stopped caring about that and had focused on raising Mary. The cat also revealed another shocking secret he was actually a living person who could shift into a cat and that he was a actually a knight sent to protect the white witch with his life, because after having her powers unsealed she would…

Story 36

As she knew that she won’t be with her daughter forever. On her deathbed, she told Mary about the things that she will leave behind for Mary. Aside from material things such as a few pieces of her jewelry and china, she also left something inside their house that will tell her her true identity, to which she gave Mary a skeleton key as long as her hand. But Mary have to find out for herself what her mother had hidden. A few days have passed and with Mary’s mother’s burial preparations, Mary has forgotten her mother’s “treasure hunt” for her. Until fateful day, Mary decided to clean her mother’s room as a way of coping from her mother’s death. She remembered all the times that she cuddled in her mother’s side whenever she got afraid of sleeping in her room alone. She remembered the stories her mother told her about princesses and their princes, about good witches, and bad fairies. How she wished she could turn back the time, but she settled on cleaning under her mother’s bed. While trying to sweep the floor of that area, she noticed a seam on the floor. It was rectangular in shape, and seemed to have two small circular handles on its side. Mary tried to lift the seam, and lo and behold, a treasure box inlaid with gold trimmings emerged.  She tried to lift the cover, but it was locked. She remembered the skeleton key that she left in her own bedroom and run towards it. She came back breathless, and anxious to find out what was inside the box that will help her find out who she truly is. She sticked the key in the hole, not breathing, and turned it. She hesitated before opening the box, and there she found….. a few letters, and smaller cache. She took one letter that is addressed to her with her name written in the most gorgeous handwriting she has ever seen. She started reading the letter, and as she finished, was a bit confused. She was denying what was written in it, and so decided to read another one, until she has read everything. Deliberating for a moment, sitting on her mother’s bedroom floor. She then stood up, and said to herself, “Mother, if you can hear me, I hope you will guide in this quest of life that you’ve set me onto.” And so, Mary packed a few essential things, and set off into the world, with eyes glinting with uncertainty but determination.”

Story 7

It was a cold night only the sound of rain in the background and the sound of her cigarette. Mary remembers the good old days when everything was still possible nothing could stop her every dream was possible. Mary’s mother told her that she could do anything she wanted the only think is that the world was never a fair place. “But it’s too late to change things.” she told herself while looking in the distance “Hi there. “Rick said which startled Mary. “So how are you feeling? Better?” He said with a sympathetic look in his eyes. “Just great…” she told him sarcastically. There was a long silence and the only thing you could hear is the sound of the rain. “Mary you know that I am here for you. I am your boyfriend you know?” Rick said with a sweet voice to comfort her. But Mary knew when she said what was wrong with her, she would hurt him. She was sick of it this town the same scenery every day she never liked this town, she wanted something new but he wanted to stay here and build a life together, but she wanted the only thing her mother didn’t have and that was freedom.

Story 44

A year ago when mary prepared her mother funeral ..she found out that she is not the only grandchild of Anderson family. Grandmas gardener said She has a brother from different father and his name is Jack. Jack..? But jack who…so many people in the world named with Jack. Since Mary has limited contact with grandmas family (besides she really knew that arrogance old woman hates her to the dead because she never agree Gary Andeson (Mary’s father) married her mom) .. and Mr. Taylor the gardener also has limited information about Jack…she could not get more infos about him from them. But when she almost lose her hope today…

Story 18

Mary’s mother died in an operation due to heart failure and she died with the deepest regret that she cannot give to her only child the life she wanted for her. On the funeral, Mary’s grandmother went there and asked Mary if she wanted to live to her house since both of them are now alone. She also wanted to show Mary that she regret the way she treated her mom and to make it up to her, she will live with Mary and give her what she wanted. Mary agreed because deep in her heart she also wanted to reconciliate with her grandmother for her mother’s sake. One evening, Mary arrived so tired from work and went straight to bed to rest. In the middle of the night, she woke up because she felt cold since the windows were open. She got up, went to close the window but when she was about to close it, she saw a figure of a woman wearing a white dress looking at her window with eyes full of remorse. She blinked and looked again but the woman was not there anymore she thought she was just seeing things since she is still sleepy and close the window to go back to bed. On her way to bed, she took a glimpse on the mirror of her cabinet. What she saw made her hair stand up and she wants to scream but no voice would come out. On the mirror was the sight of the same woman looking at her window, eyes full of anger and despair, what she saw was the figure of her dead mother….

Story 24

Now that she’s more free, she didn’t know that her mother being overprotective to her has a reason. One day, she’s gone to the city to find work so that she can feed herself and her cat Thomas because the money her mother left when she died was not enough now to continue living alone. On that same day, when Mary’s walking in the sidewalk, Thomas suddenly got out of Mary’s grasp and Thomas fled into the middle of the road. Thomas was about to get hit by a car but a man with raven black hair color and is handsome (with mysterious aura) suddenly went to save the cat. Mary’s heart go doki doki, is it because of the shock/nervousness of what happened to her cat or is it because of the mysterious guy?
Mary’s frozen because it’s her first time seeing such an attractive guy and didn’t get to thank the mysterious guy for what he did. That day , she didn’t get to find any job and the mysterious guy was all in her head. She thinked that if they were to meet again she’ll thank him and give him even if it’s just a cup of coffee. When she got home, she saw a picture of her mother with another Old-looking lady who’s like a dignified and a strict-looking lady(Grandmother)(Mary don’t know who is that lady). Next day, she found a job and in such a big company and saw the lady in the picture with the mysterious guy. And that’s the start of Mary’s Adventure.

Story 12

The morning before the death of Mary’s mother, Mary had an argument with her mother as Mary has had enough of being isolated and caged all her life, being stuck in a place that was in the middle of nowhere in the forest which people would not pass by. So the next day, Mary was wary and doubtful, despite of this, she gave in to her temptation. So she took her horse and rode through areas of the forest she had very been before. This freedom and excitement was the first for Mary, rebelling against her mother’s will, but she knew she had to go back despite her actions. Before this happiness all ends, Mary decided to lay down and rest in the shade by the tree, the wind gave a warm and tranquil feeling which gradually made her fell asleep. When she woke up, she saw a man in front her, who was gazing at her, Mary quickly realizing this blushed and was also attracted by his golden eyes which she felt she was being absorbed. The man said no words and gave his gem necklace to her and left. After, Mary was enchanted by this man but resolved she was not going to yearn more and was satisfied, thus she decided to go back home. When she returned, her mother was found dead; Mary felt tremendous guilt, sorrow and pain that she could not express. Since that day, Mary always regretted that she was not able to apologized to her mother and wanted to avenge for her mother, but today, a year after her mother’s death, she was determine to find the killer after having a nightmare of the day her mother died the night before. That night, as Mary was getting ready for bed, she found the necklace she was given by the mysterious man, she put it on, looked into the mirror and was terrified of what she was seeing, as well as what she has become, a demon.

Story 15

In a desperate attempt to cover up Mary’s existence from the main house her mother cut all ties with her family. While unaware of her mother’s history, and assuming that she had no live relatives little did she know she had in fact been tracked down by her grandma. One night upon entering her apartment after a late night work shift, she find’s a letter that had been slid under her door. As she picked it up she felt the smooth parchment paper that held a creamy tinge. To Maria read the front. Seeing as there was no return address she began to open the letter when without a warning, glaring, bright, white light began to shine out from the torn edge until it fully enveloped her. When she opened her eyes again she was so confused by her surrounds that she could only look around her in bewilderment. She was in a meadow of lush green grass that seemed to be glowing. Giant, brightly colored, glowing flowers scattered across these fields while while behind her a glowing trees as tall as sky scrapers towered above her presence as they seemingly whispered to each other in the wind. Strangely enough, even though the skies were dark and full of stars indicating nighttime, the glowing flora enough to make it seem like daytime on the ground. Not only was the sky dark, but in the night sky were glowing, floating islands with rivers that that seemed to defy gravity flowing through glowing clouds. There were fish too! Glowing fish, that swam though the night sky as if those it was a sea. Tiny glowing lights hovered everywhere, dancing the wind around her. While Mary was so amazed by this foreign land, her mind at the same time could not comprehend what how all see was seeing was possible. ‘Titania Mary, please follow me,’ a deep voice suddenly rang our from behind her. Startled she turned so quickly that she almost stumbled when she came to face a beautiful man. ‘Your Grandmother has been waiting for your arrival.’


Stories group 5/5

  • Story 15 (27%, 10 Votes)
  • Story 12 (8%, 3 Votes)
  • Story 24 (11%, 4 Votes)
  • Story 18 (22%, 8 Votes)
  • Story 44 (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Story 7 (5%, 2 Votes)
  • Story 36 (11%, 4 Votes)
  • Story 1 (11%, 4 Votes)
  • Story 28 (5%, 2 Votes)

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