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authors: Raff, Katarina Vidic, Veilan


Mary is a single woman, about 30. She lives with her cat Thomas in her parents house. Her father died when she was 7. Her mother passed away a year ago. Mary’s mother always bear a grudge against her mother (Mary’s grandmother), that she couldn’t lived how she wanted to. She wanted to protect her daughter (Mary) from the same miserable life, but she couldn’t make it.


After mothers death the only reason what kept her alive is her cat Thomas that she loved dearly. But today is extremely painful day. She couldn’t bear the emptiness of her life in this cheerful time of year. She is tired waiting the day when death finally come for her so she decided to embrace the death herself. Climbing to the rooftop she noticed many people who possessed shining smile. “Ah, yeah”, she remembered,” Today is New Year”, but it doesn’t mean anything to her because she didn’t feel hope not even fear from jumping. She closed her eyes and she was ready to free herself from this cruel world but one word change everything “Stop”. She opened eyes and saw handsome man with messy black hair and green eyes like Thomas.

Sitting there, with a carefree attitude while smoking his cigarette.

“can’t a person have a moment for himself? Just when I am about to rest for a bit ” the man sigh irately and raise up on his two feet and light out the cigarette butt he just throw with his shoes.

“oi, woman what are you trying to do?” his presence surprise Mary that she almost slip off from the balcony.

But a hard powerful force swiftly grab her hand and pull her over, “damn it, I almost had a heart attack!” he angrily told her without realizing that he had her embrace in his sturdy chest.

Without another word, Mary tears fall from her cheek.

“w-what!? Hey hold on now. Why are you suddenly crying!?” he asked panicky but Mary herself didn’t knew why she was crying.

After a few moments, she finally stops crying while the messy hair man watches her swiping her tears with the handkerchief he gave her.

“t-thank you” Mary weakly thank him and now that she got a clear look at him, Mary was once again awe at his deep emerald green eyes.

“what are you doing here, lady?” his voice seems softer from before but he still have that stir look on his face “aren’t people like you suppose to be with their love one or something during this kind of day?”.

“I don’t have anyone” Mary softly replies “what?” he asked but once again he couldn’t hear her “if you want to say something speak up, I can’t hear anything with that kind of reply”

Irritated by his words something snap inside Mary “I said I don’t have anyone! Why is everyone else happy while I am at home alone with no one but my cat! T-that why I thought that I should just go and jump off this building but some idiot just stop me!” she angrily answer while gasping for air.

“whoa you got a serious problem lady. Just killing yourself for that kind of reason” he gave a weak reply that somehow piss her off.

Who the hell does he think he is!? Mary thought furiously.

Not only did he halt her from killing herself, now he making her angry.

That’s it! I am going to kill myself somewhere else, she told herself and quickly raise up and walks away before the same force that stop her from falling grab her “where do you think you are going?” the man asked suspiciously without letting her go…


Story 17

Mary raises her voice and yell out, “To kill myself, now let go of me!”

The man still holding onto her arm, “Look here lady, if you plan on killing yourself then I can’t just let you go.”

Mary grab the man’s hand, trying to scratch and struggle herself free, “Why do you care?! You don’t know me!”

The man grabs Mary’s other arm and pull her in front of him, “That hurts!”

Shock by the man’s shout, Mary look at the man and saw his green emerald eyes again, “Your eyes…”

Seeing that Mary is concentrated on his eyes, the man quickly cover his eyes with his hand, “Ah, you don’t have to say it… creepy isn’t it, the color of my eyes.”

Mary notice how bother the man is by his eyes.

Slowly, Mary raise her free hand to unsheathe his hand from his eyes, “No they are beautiful.”

The green emerald eyes that looks exactly like Thomas’s, there is no way it’s creepy.

The man gave Mary with a sad yet happy smile, “Thanks”

“Meow.” Mary and the man look down to see Thomas curling around Mary’s leg.

Thomas has followed Mary all the way from home.

“Is this your cat?” The man saying in a sarcastic way.

Angry, Mary shout out, “You have a problem with my cat?!”

The man laughed, “Nah, I just notice how much he looks like me.”

The man lift Thomas up to his shoulder and pet him on the back, “Now who’s a good boy.”

Seeing how similar the man and Thomas looks side by side, Mary can’t help but laugh as well.

And together, they both laugh.

Mary couldn’t remember the last time she laughed like this.


Story 8

“Were you thinking of doing the same thing somewhere else?” he interrogated.

Mary grit her teeth, irritated at having been found out so easily by a complete stranger. “It’s none of your business,” she retorted. “Now if you’ll excuse me—” She tried to escape once more, but the handsome stranger’s grip remained firm.

“Actually, it is my business,” he replied, tone matter-of-fact, “considering the fact that your dear mother assigned me the task of protecting you, and all.” Mary thought she detected a hint of sarcasm in the word “dear”, but was immediately sidetracked by the mention of her mother.

How did he know her mom? And what did he mean he was supposed to protect her?

“Look,” Mary started, all too aware of how close they were standing to one another, “I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing here, but I don’t need protection. Especially not from a person I’ve never even met up until a few minutes ago.”

The stranger shook his head as though Mary were even more of a disappointment now than when she’d been planning to jump off the building earlier. “‘Just met’? I must say, I’m insulted. Do you honestly mean to tell me that you don’t recognize your own cat when you see him?” When Mary’s expression remained blank he gave an exasperated sigh. “It’s me. Thomas. I didn’t want to have to do this considering how long it’s been since I was allowed to be in my human form, but it seems I have no other choice.”

The stranger closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and in the blink of an eye Thomas—the cat Thomas—was in his place.

Gasping, Mary instinctively took a step backwards in surprise, unaware just how close she had been standing to the building’s ledge as she lost her footing. Mary’s arms pinwheeled as she tried to regain her balance, searching for something—anything—to grab onto, but it was too late. She could already feel gravity tipping her backwards towards her doom…

And that’s when the human version of Thomas rematerialized before Mary, seizing her by the upper arm and saving her life for the second time that night. Thomas’s mouth twisted into a playful smile, barely restrained amusement dancing in those green eyes of his. “Looks like you weren’t quite ready to die after all, huh?”

“H-How did you—?”

“Because a curse was put on me,” he answered before she could finish.

“Curse?” Mary echoed. She seemed to be restricted to using only broken up sentences in her shocked state.

“Oh, did I not mention it before?” Thomas said, cheerily. “Your mother was a witch who put a curse on me,” he informed her. “And you’re a witch too. There’s no time for dying now. This adventure’s just getting started.”


Story 7

The irritation she felt by the lingering warmth of his closed fingers around her wrist was clearly shown on her face as she looked up into his. What she saw was a slightly amused nevertheless strict gaze from his eyes. Flustered she tried to free herself but failed miserably. A light chuckle came from her counterpart as Mary bumped against his chest. “Why can’t you just let go instead of playing around?! I really have better things to do.”  she said with running out of patience and noticeable anger in her voice. The once light chuckle now turned into fully grown laughter. “You’re way too amusing..” the way too good looking stranger murmured. “That’s not how you speak to your savior. And what’s with this sudden change of attitude?” was all Mary heard with biting sarcasm in her so called “saviors” voice.  Searching for any sign of anger in her opposite she only found his now more radiant than before emerald eyes. An distinctly inhale was audible. Not averting her gaze she saw how a little crease built up between his eyes.


Story 9

“Please let go my hand.”

“Why would I do that? Maybe you’ll do this thing all over again.” he said with a worried look at his face.

“Well that’s right! I’m going somewhere where it’s quiet and no sweet young looking bastard blocking my way.” she said sarcastically.

“Woah!” shocked by her words. “I’m just trying to help you out, why are you so hot tempered?” he held her hand tightly.

“Just leave me alone, will you!” she let go of her hand and climbed down the roof quickly.

“Hey! Don’t just leave me!” he shouted.

In the end, she quickly rushed to her room as Thomas gushed towards the door and purred happily at her.

With a cute worried look of her cat, she calmed and relieved herself down as she carried him towards her favorite rocking chair.

“You know what Thomas!” she talked at him while patting his fur.

“With this cloudy mind of mine, I was about to jump off the roof but surprisingly, I was stopped by a young man.”

she continued. “I was so irritated at him first because he interferred me but I also realized that I was lucky too that he saved my life.”

She soon felt guilty at she remembered being rude to his savior.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she shouted.

“MEOOOWWWWWWWW!” frightened Thomas quickly hid itself below her bed.

“Oops! Sorry Thomas!”

When her cat doesn’t want to go near her again, she went to her bathroom to wash her face. While drying out, she faced the mirror and said to herself “I will apologize when I see him again.”


Story 15

S-somewhere where you aren’t going to bother me!” Mary exclaimed as she tried to remove her arm from the man’s strong grip, though to no avail. He simply looked at her, his mesmerising eyes peering into Mary’s own eyes, which were beginning to tear up again, making everything before her seem blurred. A silence fell between the two, though the chatter and excitement from the world below the building filled it quickly.
“Would you really do it?” He asked her, his grip loosening ever so slightly. Mary hesitated.
“And that cat of yours. Would you just leave it to die?” The stranger questioned, his voice carrying the slightest hint of melancholy.
“No! No way would I let him die! He’s… Ah.” Mary stopped. If she left, what would happen to her beloved feline? Her thoughts wavered, and she felt the man drop her arm gently. But she didn’t run. Mary looked up at him.


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