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At the beginning I would like to write a few words about the manga, which made a huge impression on me … Oboreru Knife.
I discovered this title last summer. I was bored and I was looking for new shoujo, when I found a page, where someone made a list of favorite male characters with pictures. I found there: Ren from Strobe Edge, Yoh from Koukou Debut and another characters from populars shoujo manga. I paid attention to the boy with short hair. His name was Kou. I typed manga title in google and found few chapter in Mangafox. I don’t remember how many was it, but now you can read there 27 chapters. I clicked on the first chapter and….WaWaahaaaa… What was that? A kids from elementary school ? A small village? A girlĀ  who is a model ? A mysterious guy. Water, god and untypical art. I thought, okay we’ll see what’s next…. and after the second chapter I know that, that manga is for me.
Why Oboreru Knife? I don’t know how to say that, but there is something interesting in this manga. It’s is hard to say or is there any magic or not. Reader have that impression that something is wrong. Everybody in this manga talk about gods, punishment but you can’t find there ghost, the characters don’t have any special power. You see a normal ( if you forget that main heroine is a top star and her love comes from an old, respected family, who rules the entire village :) kids, which their own problems. You see a love between boy and girl. Their love is like the ocean. Both deep and restless.