About watermarks Jan06
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About watermarks


Some of You can thinking why on some Raws there are Raffmanga watermarks. The reason is simple, I do it because sites like Raffmanga don’t have chance to rival with big websites. These watermarks are the only secure from downloading them by big websites and this is form of promotion of my website. Of course I don’t mind that my users downloading them, but I don’t want that big websites have it and tell their users that they put effort in buying and scanning it.

Another reason that I watermarking my scans is that I bought it. I watermarking my Raws recently but there was a lot of scans that I made before for You, for example “Corset ni Tsubasa”, “AND”, “Six Half”, “Oboreru Knife vol. 15″, “Ookami ni Kuchizuke”, “Bara to Ookami”, “Ane no Kekkon”, “Aruitou” and a lot of others titles. Of course it is expensive for me and it takes me a lot of time. For example I have for You in this month 10 magazines with Manga and I will have new volumes too.

I hope that You understand it :)

By the way, You can see on picture that I made what titles will be soon :)
7 seeds
Kaze Hikaru
Ane no Kekkon
Geten no Hana
and a lot others…

Have a nice day!