Age: 21 years old
Country: Mexico
Skin Type: Combination


These products are available in any dermatological pharmacy and of course are hypoallergenic.


Aqua Foam

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  • Gentle cleansing soap foam.
  • From the brand Endocare. This is perfect for delicate skins . It is perfect for clean excess oil and make up but is also really gentle when removing impurities.
  • This one works for all types of skins! I seriously recommend it since it leaves your skin felling fresh. I use it daily in the morning and before going to sleep.
  • How to apply it:
  • Apply to wet skin, in the morning or at night, massage gently with emphasis in the oily parts of your face , in my case my nose, and then rinse.

Eucerin: DermoPurifyer

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This one is brand new! it is a cream used to moisturize your skin.
  • How to apply it:
  • Apply it after washing and drying your face, it can be use either in the morning or at night.
  • Since it is for oil skins I only apply it on my nose :^) because my face is really dry  but my nose  is always really oily and shiny  -.-  .
  • It gives a matte look and it is not from a make up brand (such a MAC or Lancome). This  is a dermatological brand available only in dermatological pharmacies it is , as you can imagine, quite expensive :s but! if you have a very sensitive skin like mine and tend to have allergic reactions with cosmetic products THIS is what you need.

Eucerin: Sun Lotion 50+ (Kids)



  • KIDS sun lotion
  • This one is for UV protection only. It MUST be for kids if you want to apply it to your face since it is way more gentle to your skin and it has better UV protection. I apply this to my face but also my entire body. It is THE BEST sun lotion I have try in my life. This thing is like you have  an invisible  shield in your skin, you can be under the sun as much as you want and you won’t get a sunburn.
  • How to apply it:
  • Apply a little on your face in the morning or when going outside .
  • CAUTION: I do not recommend this for people with really oily skin or with acne. Since it is for kids, it hydrates your skin a lot! Maybe too much for some people. :S

Bioré Nose Strips



  • Obviously for your nose :^)
  • Really helpful to get rid of blackheads in your nose, this one is a special edition I have recently bought( I usually use the cheap version). For some reason this brand has a full package of cleansing products with “charcoal” ( yes charcoal! That’s why they’re black) . It was so weird that I obviously had to try the nose strips charcoal version,( plus they look really cool in black :b) . I haven’t try them enough to give a final verdic but I seriously recommend the Cheap standard version, it really is amazing! I use this before going to sleep after washing my face.
  • How to apply it :
  • After washing your face , thoroughly wet your nose ( if your nose is not wet enough it won’t work!) . Dry your hands, with a towel (if your hands are wet, the nose strip will get wet and it won’t work!) . Peel the strip off plastic liner and then apply it on your nose . ( if your nose is really small you may need to cut the nose strip so it can fit your nose better) . Let dry for about 15 minutes or until you feel it like papier-máché. Slowly peel off the strip, you will see how the blackheads are stuck to the strip ( quite gross but it shows its effectiveness) . After this, you can wash your face to remove amy residue but I use a thermal water from Avēne to close my pores. You use this every three days .
  • Important: Do not use it if you have dry face, it will only make your nose feel dryer. I do not have this problem because my nose is really oily.

Eau thermale Avène


  • This is well, water haha, it is perfect to irritated skin or whatever you want. Gives a feeling of refreshness and you do not have to dry it with a towel. I also use this when I feel tired, it makes my skin feel lighter.
  • How to apply:
  • You only have to spray it to your face after washing it. If you are using this for irritated areas on your skin , the area must always been cleaned first.

Geleé exfoliante doulce


  • This a really gentle exfoliating gel with rose petals (allegedly haha) . I like it a lot! It gives a smooth feeling on your face after applying; for this reason I do not use this solely on my face, i also apply this to my back when I have pimples. It improves how your skin looks and feels
  • How to apply:
  • Apply to wet skin, I use this at night but probably can be use in the morning as well . Massage gently with emphasis in the oily parts of your face and then rinse.

Bioderma Sébium Global


  • This an astringent, do not use this if you have acne ! It may irritate it :s.
  • If you have an oily, combination skin it is good . It just helps fighting against blackheads. (Yeah I have a lot …..(TT n TT)
  • How to apply it:
  • Apply it on clean skin, after washing your face , once every two days.



  • This is a sample, I have the chance to know someone who gives this to me for free, I don’t know how much do they cost. It is not part from my daily routine but every time of the month I have to deal with some really big pimple -.-‘
  • It has been quite useful, not the best maybe but well it is free and it isn’t bad. Plus since I have the fortune ( or misfortune) to not be in my puberty years anymore I do not require spending too much in this. There was one I used to use when I was in middle school it is called Benzac, it made my pimples disappear in a matter of days!. I do not use it anymore sinceTrinova  is free for me.