Nickname: Anna
Age: 17
Country: Philippines
Skin type: Combination of dry and oil, depending on the weather
Pond’s Perfect Care (Facial Wash) 
I start my day by washing my face with just cold water (when I have no class), then when I go to bath, I use this facial wash. It’s a must to use a facial wash whenever you’re going outside so all the dirt particles on your face will be washed off. Furthermore, it’s common to have an oily face (especially on forehead and nose) at the end of the day, so since ‘just water’ can’t get rid of those oil, having a facial wash is top down basic to have.
Skin Food Rice Mask (Wash Off)
This wash off mask is ideally good to use when you’re taking a bath after you use your facial wash, since you have to massage your face 10-15 minutes after putting a good amount on your whole face. It’s a mild exfoliant, a milky wash-off mask that gently sloughs dead skin cells off while the rice extract brightens and moisturizes the skin; giving it a healthy dewy-like glow.
Eskinol Pimple Fighting (Facial Deep Cleanser)
Eskinol deep cleanser cleanses and washes off the dirt, oil and other pollutants  that the facial wash wasn’t able to get rid off. It unclog pores and prevent skin conditions, mostly acne. I use this only at night since it has a heavy feeling to use.
LuLuLun Daily Face Mask (Pink)
This face mask brand that has been feautured in several beauty magazines in Japan, making it very popular in the country. This is a face mask meant for daily use, despite it’s cracky low-quality packaging, it does it job quite well. I use this for my morning/early routine since this face mask is just for light moisturize use and it doesn’t have any sticky-like feeling after removing the mask.
Celeteque Acne Solutions: Acne Clearing Facial Mositurizer Gel 
This moisturizer gel will make your skin feel tight and brightingly have a jelly, crystal feel after massaging it on your face. I often use before going to bed so when I woke up the next morning, I will have a natural swoon soft skin. Though whenever I use this, when I breathe, I have this hot sensation which makes me feel kind of disturbed.
Oil Blotting Paper
Haruhada Oil Blotting Paper 
When you’re at school or at work, a blotting paper is a must (for women/girls anyway). Well you don’t need this if your face is not getting oily or you don’t mind people seeing you having a shiny face (in a awful way). A blotting paper instantly absorbs excess oil and sebum from your face at any time and anywhere (using handkerchief to wipe off those oil in your face may or may not be bad for your skin, so be careful!).
Petroleum Jelly
Petroleum Jelly 
Having a cracky, dry lips all the time (despite how I always drink water) makes my life (not really) horrible so when I used this petroleum jelly, it saves me from my horrible past of licking of my lips (P.S. don’t lick your lips to moisturize it, it may get dry far worst than it already is) wherever my lips is getting destroyed. I always put a right amount of petroleum jelly in my lips before going to bed, slightly massaging it every now and then. Throughout the day, my lips are not anymore dry than it used to, so I really suggest this to everyone to use and try it out.
Nivea Lip Balm
Nivea Med Protection Lip Balm
I always carry this with me, not because of natural girl instinct but because I really need to moisturize my lips every now and then, most often that average time would suggest to. Since I can’t bring petroleum jelly with me in the university (hygiene issues), I need a stick-like that can just easily wipe on my lips during class hours. It isn’t that much good compare to petroeum jelly, but to be able to moisturize my lips, it’s bearable.