Age: 27 years old
Country: United Kingdom
Skin type: dry

I am not into putting a lot of creams on my face and over the years I have used a lot and came down to these three face essentials which are inexpensive and easily available everywhere.



I wash my face with Aveeno positively luminous facial wash morning and evening. It has beads and gives a soft scrub to my face. It gives you a skin glow after everyday use. I bought it from Amazon and it is not expensive!



Nuxe Multipurpose dry oil does all the trick! I apply a tiny amount to my face before putting a moisturizer and a make-up.  This is the only oil that won’t make your skin oily and would make your make-up last the whole day (it can act as a primer). I use it day and night and makes your skin smooth and bright.You can also use it to your hair and body. It’s also not expensive and very easy to buy online.


I have always been a fan of Olay creams and their Regenerist creams are the best.  I am using this day and night for my face and as it says on the jar and it will make your skin luminous. I love this product because again it not expensive and it suits my skin.