Age: 19
Country: USA
Skin Type: Combination/Oily
All of the skin care products that I use regularly :)
I use these Olay facial cloths as my daily face wash. These are really nice since they are a “4-in-1″ daily facial cloth so one cloth contains “the cleansing power of a cleanser, toner, mask or scrub.” I like these especially since I’m so lazy and I enjoy just taking out a cloth, wetting it with water, and then easily washing my face. They’re easy to carry around and I can take them on my carry-on and use them when I feel icky during those long plane rides. (Since they are not liquid, I don’t need to worry about the liquids on a plane rule!) They’re simple to use and effective for my oily skin, which is good for a daily face wash.
These next 3 are part of the Shiseido Pureness collection. I was recommended them by my salon. This first one is the Shiseido Pureness Balancing softener alcohol-free toner. It is very gentle and doesn’t sting like other toners since it does not contain alcohol, which is good for my sensitive skin I use it all over my face using a tissue that I spritz one or two times on it. There are specific cloths that you can use for this toner that work better than the tissue, but I just never went around to buying another pack.
This one I love. This is the Shiseido Pureness pore-minimizing cooling essence. I simply just squirt some onto my fingers and rub it onto my nose and my under-eye area where my pores are the largest. It works for me in minimizing my pores and I use it everyday just before bed, right after using my toner.
This is the Shiseido Pureness Matifying oil-free moisturizer. Since I have combination skin, I have an oily T-zone and relatively dry cheeks. I use this as a moisturizer for my cheeks. Like the pore minimizing lotion above, I put this product onto my fingers and rub it into my cheeks. It definitely moisturizes my cheeks but compared to the other two, I think this one can be skipped. The pore minimizing lotion is one I use religiously everyday. This one not so much
This is Etude House’s Play Therapy Wash Off Pack. I use this one or two times a week or whenever my face becomes inflamed or anything. To use it, you squirt a generous amount onto your hands and slather it onto your face. Wait 15-20 minutes and then wash it off. It can be used for spot treatment or just all over the face. I usually use it on my T-zone as that’s where most of my skin problems are. The description on the back says “This is a wash-off pack that glides onto the skin, providing care with its Super Food Complex and tree tea oil for areas that need treatment. What is Super Food Complex? This is Etude’s clear skin recipe containing nutritious well-being food needed for the body including broccoli, blueberry, and oats.” Whenever I use this, my skin always feels less inflamed than before!
This is Sister Diary’s Mucin Peptide mask. Sister Diary has other masks as well such as Cherry Arbutin Mask, Apple Polyphenol Platinum Mask, etc. These and other masks such as My Beauty Diary are pretty much the same. I only got these as these were cheaper in general than My Beauty Diary and were also on sale.  To use, you should apply toner to your face beforehand. Afterwards you take the mask out of the container (it is already wet) and set it on your face. Be sure that your hair is tied back so it doesn’t get caught underneath the mask. After about 15 minutes, you can take the mask off and the remaining wetness on your skin from the mask can be rubbed gently into your face. Whether these masks actually do anything in the long run, I have no idea. But for for the next 12 hours or so, my face is always super soft and moisturized so I recommend it! They’re also fun to scare people with when you have these masks on. I use these maybe once a week or once every other week.
This is Lancome’s Advanced Genefique Youth Activating Serum. It is a clear serum that you literally only need 1 or 2 drops of (The cap is conveniently a dropped that you can unscrew from the bottle). I rub the serum onto the areas of my skin that are rougher (my nose area and forehead). It smooths my skin and I can really feel a difference after just one use. I use this almost everyday. However, this product is definitely on the expensive side so I would read up on reviews before deciding if this product is right for you. Some reviews I have read said that some people have gotten some acne from using this product. Fortunately, I haven’t experienced anything like that and I’ve been using it for over a year.
This is Nexcare Acne Absorbing Cover and they are my holy grail. Whenever I have a large pimple just pop up on me (especially a whitehead). I just stick one of these bad boys onto it right before bed and, voila, the next morning the pimple is either gone or significantly smaller. It works by sucking out all that nasty stuff in your pimple. When you take it off you can see the white stuff on the sticker that it has sucked out from the whitehead. These have saved me from my urges to pop pimples which will result in less acne scars. I really recommend these. I bought them in Taiwan, however, I have seen them on sale on Amazon as well.