Age: 22
Country: Italy
Skin Type: Combination (Oily T-zone, rest slightly dry)


(Almost)Daily Morning Routine:
First of all I wash my face with soap and water and then dry then I proceed to apply the following in order:

1) YvesRocher- Purifying Lotion


What is it: a pore minimizer lotion made with aloe and apple extracts and salicylic acid, it acts to purify and reduce pores, reduce redness and mattify the skin

How I use it: I dab it until dry on my T-Zone and the corners of my mouth and chin where I also have annoying pores

2)Yvesrocher- Hydrating Micellar Water 2 in 1


What is it: a moisturizing tonic without silicone,paraben,colorants or mineral oil

How I use it: I lightly dab it on my cheeks and fronthead until absorbed

3)Bottega Verde- Hyaluronic Acid Serum



What is it: a highly concentrated hyaluronic acid serum with and anti-wrinkle and filling effect

How I use it: I put some drops on the tip of a finger and apply it at the corner of my eyes and under them (where wrinkles are slightly formed that is)also at the sides of the mouth (the wrinkles which form from smiling that is)

4)Bottega Verde- Ialuronplus Face Cream


What is it: face cream with a filling and compacting effect made with white flowers extract and hyaluronic acid

How I use it: I first spread it a bit on my hands the dab it on my face avoiding T-Zone, this creams leaves my skin really soft and with a nice smell !

5)Bottega Verde- MielExpertise Eye Contour


What is it: eye contour cream with anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle and re-densifying effext containing honey extracts and pluridefence

How I use it: a apply a dot under each eye and massage until absortion from the inside to the outside. This creams makes reduces dark circles under the eye and gives a refreshing sensation on the skin so I really like it !

6)Bottega Verde- GojiPerfect Facial Primer



What is it: a unifying perfecting blend with goji extract and pro-retinol

How I use it: I evenly apply it as you would with foundation, it gives the skin a uniform and matte appearance looking totally natural (intact it’s doesn’t contain colored pigments), because of this is my skin is in nice condition I skip the last step

7)Yvesrocher – BB Peau Parfaite (Light)


What is it: a BB cream 6 in 1 (hydrating,unifying,mattifying,correcting,brightening,UV protective ) with 20SPF, green rice extracts and unifying pigments

How I use it: I apply it evenly with a make-up sponge, the thing I like is that it keeps my skin moisturized for the day but is lighter than foundation, at the same time helps with imperfections :3

Weekly Care:
I use this products once or twice a week, depending on the condition of my skin, they are face masks !

8)Avon- Deep Cleansing Face mask


What is it: a cleansing face mask with cedar and eucalyptus inspired with russian steam bath traditions

How I use it: right after the shower I apply it thinly and evenly , let it dry for 5 minutes then rinse.
It really helps with stubborn red pimples so sometimes I only use it on critical areas as many days as it takes for the pimples to heal.

9)Tonymoly – Tomatox


What is it: korean brand brightening mask

How I use it: after bath, applying it with the help of a spatula and then I let it rest for 15min before rinsing .
It’s really good as you see the before and after difference !