Age: 27 years old
Country: Brazil
Skin Type: combination skin (sometimes it gets dehydrated too, acne prone specially hormonal)

 01. Dayse Cosmetics
Morning Routine
01.   Biore Moisture Foam: It’s very gentle yet cleanses well without stripping the skin, smells awesome!
02.   MIZON Bulgarian rose toner: It’s a very gentle, light and nice toner, is easily absorbed and fills the skin with hydration, preparing the skin to receive the next product. It has a lovely faint scent of roses, has NO alcohol.
03.   Melano CC : A pure VIT C serum. Has antioxidant and brightening effects.
04.   NIVEA soft cream: Seals the moisture.
05.   BIORE perfect milk: Excellent sunscreen! I like to say that once you know a (good) Japanese sunscreens, there’s no way back! They’re comfortable to use, no oily, shiny or greasy face anymore, serves as a makeup base and is sweat and water-proof, I often use it on days that are very hot and humid. (or)
06.   NIVEA sun protect water milk: AWESOME sunscreen, specially for sensitive skin, 100% physical. It’s kinda mattifying but not as the Biore perfect milk, so it leaves a natural and lovely look on skin. Doesn’t clog pores. I mostly use this, love it!
02. morning routine
Evening/Night routine
01.   BIORE moisture cleansing Liquid and Biore moisture foam: the “Double cleasing” method to effectively remove dirt, oil and waterproof makeup/sunscreen.
02.   SECRET KEY First Treatment essence (Rose edition): It’s a similar product to the lotion of SK-II, has galactomyces ferment, it’s used right after cleansing the face, offers hydration and nutrients.
03.   HADA LABO Gokujyun lotion or HADA LABO gokujyun premium lotion: Both are AWESOME, the regular version is patted until absorbed and leaves the skin very soft, the premium version I use when my skin is feeling dry or when I want a PUNCH of hydration, it leaves the skin a bit stick but VERY supply.  (OBS: It says lotion but they’re actually toners)
04.   SECRET KEY Black Snail Cream: I LOVE snail products, they’re soothing, healing, moisturizing…no wonder the hype. This snail cream is very light, soothing, absorbs fast, has a very lovely smell, contains NO alcohol and a nice ingredients list. It comes in a beautiful glass jar, but I hate having to put my fingers on it, and using a spatula is bothersome, so I like to decant it into an airless pump bottle, more pratical, more hygienic! Haha
03. Evening and night routine
Special Care:
LA ROCHE POSAY Cicaplast Balme: AWESOMENESS in a tub! This dense balm is super moisturizing, calming and soothing. It’s great for dry/chapped lips, sensitive skin, sunburnt skin, healing right-tatooed spots. It’s a bit rich/heavy so I like to use more at night. Can also be used as a sleeping pack.
INNISFREE clay mask (hard type): It’s very good, calms and cleanses the pores.
AVON Clearskin esfoliante: I also like to use peeling gels, but when I want something stronger yet not so aggressive, this is to-go product.
04. special care