Nickname: Elyurias
Age: 22
Country: Czech Republic
Skin type: dry with oily T-zone, sensitive- problematic


Daily care

This is what I use every day


These are for cleaning and refreshing, I use the pink one twice a day, the blue one when my face is heavy with make-up or sweat.


This one is really great, I use it every day as a cleanser while taking shower, or sometimes I use it as a mask . It´s used twice a dayon a wet skin, after massaging rise it . You can see the results very soon:)


This is peeling for my problematic parts of face (my T- zone ), I use it in the evening, after cleansing my face. It helps to remove black dots and prevent  any other impurities from taking place.


This is day&night cream, but I use it as an eye cream , it´s got a great, light texture and feels refreshing.


This is a day cream which I use also for a night cream, because it is nourishing but not heavy, I use it in the evening and in the morning  after cleansing. It also has a nice smell.


​This is ream I use during the day, because it´s very light, so whenever I feel like I´m having dry skin, or when I sweat a lot and have to clean my face . It has grape-extract in it.

Once a week care

​This is a nourishing face mask I use once/twice a week (also with hair mask) . I put it on a wet face and rinse after 10minutes . It´s for all skin types.
Special cases
 These are for inflamed skin
This is tea tree extract used on targeted area (like a very persistent pimple :) ) it´s very useful, it prevents inflammation .

This is quite effective if you have problematic skin, I use it when I have for example hormone-caused problems with skin like me, I have one week in a cycle very bad skin, and that week I on  a clean and dry skin.