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Age: 18 yrs old
Country: Philippines
Skin Type: Dry but sometimes oily (depends on the season)


Here are the products that I use and how I use them:



1. iWhite Nose Pack
– This is a peel-off cream that I use for my nose to remove my disgusting whiteheads and blackheads. I love this product because it really removes my whiteheads and most of my blackheads and it is also very affordable for people like me who doesn’t like to spend much money for cosmetics plus you can use one sachet twice or thrice depends on how much you put on your nose. I usually use this only when needed, sometimes once or twice a week when I’m not lazy to do it.
2. Eskinol Facial Deep Cleanser a.k.a Toner
– I use this product to clean my face using cotton before I sleep or whenever I feel like it. It removes dirt or makeup on my face and sometimes it minimizes the pores that I have. Also, it is good for your face if you have oily skin since this removes/reduces the oil on your face.
3. Pond’s Lemon Cold Cream
– Out of all the products that I’ve mentioned, this is my most favorite one! Why? Since my face is always dry, I use this one to moisturize my skin. Pond’s Lemon Cold Cream can only be used on the face. It can also serve as a moisturizer and a makeup remover. I use this before I sleep, before I put powder, and when I want to remove makeup on my face. Note: Don’t put too much on your face as it can clog your pores that might turn into pimples and also to remove the cream, you should use a tissue or a soft towel.
4. Maybelline’s Baby Lips Color & Baby Lips Electro Pop Lip Balm
– I am using both lip balms alternatively whenever I feel like using one. The only difference between the two is the color (aside from the obvious). I use this product on my lips everyday after I eat lunch and before I sleep at night to dehydrate my lips since I always have chapped lips because of the hot climate where I live in. Plus, what I like about this product is that it has color but the color is not that strong like a lipstick or something. I recommend this for people who has dried lips and wants to have a little color on their lips to look more natural. Note: Maybelline also sells lip balms that doesn’t have color.