Age: 25 years old
Country: Russia
Skin Type: normal and a bit sensitive


Step by step skin care:

1. Snail collagen aqua gel (ABS Solution).
Use: once a week
Application: Entire face
I only use this one once a week coz it moisturizes the skin like nothing else! Totally love it! It has a lifting effect, skin becomes more elastic and… it simply relaxes the skin from stress)))

2. Clean and care (Rival de loop – Rossman’s)
Use: twice a month
Application: peeling brush
Works super good for rather rough cleaning! Right after it i usually apply #4 or #5

3. Calendula Wundskhuts Creme (Bubchen)
Use: evening (morning in summer)
Application: if it’s in the evening then only for active pimples
I usually use this one as a spot treatment in the evening. It dryes my skin like help, but help to get rid of red spots in one night. In summer, when skin gets a bit oily due to high temperatures and humidity it’s ok to apply it on entire face – it gets whiter and drier (in a normal way).

4. Creme and fun – for kids (Bubchen)
Use: skin around nose, chin
Application: evening (in winter only)
The weather changes rather dramatically in my country throughout the seasons… So in winter I need an effect exactly the opposite to the previous one((( With high humidity and low temperatures you need to protect and soften your skin regularly.

5. Baby cream with milk (Jonson’s baby)
Use: every morning in winter
Application: entire face and neck
the same purpose as for the previous one. Only woks in winter for me personally…

6. 3D corrector cream for eyelids (i’m dieing to know who produces it myself!…)
Use: evening only
Application: soft movement from nose to the side to prevent wrinkles
The effect is evident the next morning – when i go to sleep late at night and apply this cream i don’t have dark circles! It a miracle itself… 😇

7. Gareniere skin naturals 25+ complex
Use: every morning
Application: entire face + skin around eyes
Skin feels fresh and “woken up”)) Make me look as if i actually had a very nice slip at night (wich is generally false…)