Nickname: Haven
Age: 25
Country: South Korea
Skin Type: Combination(T-zone is oily)
1. DR. Bronner’s Castile soap
I wash my face with this cherry blossom castile soap. It smells really sweet like a candy! And especially the cherry blossom soap is good for combinated skin.
Put castile soap into the little bottle and add some water and argan oil. The bottle makes it into foam and it’s so soft. This is good for skin because the catile soap is natural organic.
2. su:m37 Time Energy Toner & Emulsion
It’s Korean beauty brand “su:m37″ They contains fermentation ingredients and extracts from plants.
I wipe my face with a cotton pad soaked in toner after cleansing.
​Then I put emulsion on my skin. Since my face is partially oily, balancing oil/moisture is important to me. This emulsion makes my face not too oily nor too dry.
 3. Eucerin Hyaluron Eye Cream
I have dark circle and some wrinkles under my eyes. I put this eye cream just small quantity on my finger tips and spread it under my eyes tenderly. I don’t know if it is good for my dirk circle but seems like it helps reduce wrinkles of my eyes.
4. su:m37 Time Energy Firming Cream
It’s same line with toner and emulsion. This is the final step of my everyday skin care. It moisturizing my skin. I use less in summer and more in winter. It’s summer now in Korea, so I’m using small quantity of this. And my skin never gets dry!