Age: 23
Country: United Kingdom
Skin Type:My skin type is normal (a bit sensitive though)
Firstly, the pictures with numbers are my skincare routine, and the others are additional one, for full body treatment and dark circles 😀
Let’s Start!
On the numbered pictures, consecutively, (in step by step route)
1. Clean and Clear Face Wash : clean your face! i love this product because its compatible with my skin,however, afterwards it leaves a dry skin feeling, which lead us to the second picture
2. Nakiri Face Mask : aside from its cute design, it also smells good and moisturise my skin, i use this once a week. if you need a face mask for one every other day, i use lush mint face mask,which is very good as well.
3. Hey Honey Facial Serum : i use this for the ’T’ area in my face. since i lived in the UK, my skin gets dry everytime i go outside, so i need to really moisturise my face with this serum. especially the forehead area.
4. Bee Good Moisturiser : i use this for my whole face aside from T area. it works pretty much the same with Hey Honey, but less oily.
5 and 6 are my face treatment from a doctor. since i have dark spots on my face, i need special care for those spots, this helps to diminish the spots (apply it only a little bit to the dark spot, not whole face.
7. The body shop oil of life : i just started using this for my nose area only. sometimes, after i applied my foundation, it creates the cakey effect on my nose, but when i use this oil, i don’t have this problem anymore.
8. Olay skin tone perfecting cream : i use this only on the dark spots on my face, it neutralise the dark spots colour. so i don’t really have to put concealer later.
Now, i apply my make up, and ready to go to work. yay~!
9. Olay Night Cream : after the whole day activities, its time to sleep. i use the face wash again, then use the olay total effect night cream. it smells really good, and moisturise my tired face well. :)
Now, the full body skin routine, and Lips treatment!
i used Vaseline (rosy one) and burt bees lips theraphy. As i have a very dry lips, i need both of these before i apply my lipstick. the vaseline is for the whole lip, and burt bees for the middle lips area. (additionally, you may use lip scrub once in a while before applying any lips product. (as you can see in the big picture, i use Lush Lip Scrub. its pretty good 😀 and yummy as well) ahaha.
next, Soap and Glory body butter and Dove hand cream are ‘a must’ use skincare! the weather in my city is pretty dry and unpredictable, so, to keep it smooth, i need to apply both of this to my whole body. (the hand cream only for hand of course)
the last one is additional, when i work overtime or after crying for hours (due to sad movies or manga apparently AHAHHA) i applied this under my eyes. it helps to fade the black panda circles and moisturising the area. i applied it at night, and voila~!
ready to work again in the morning. 😀