Nickname: Linh
Age: 21
Country: USA
Skin Type: combination
I am still learning about my skin type and have been switching between various products. Currently,I am using products introduced by my mom. It is a bit pricey, but they all really helped clear up my acne a lot. I started breaking out with severe acne due to the stress I accumulated in college and everything I tried wasn’t working. Instead it just made my acne worse. I am still trying various products, but these days I am more focused on keeping my skin hydrated…
The first step is cleansing. I am using a korean product known called “Cleansing Story.” I happened to stumble upon it at TJMaxx and it has helped my skin stay hydrated after washing. I have a bad habit of using hot water when I wash my face, so this cleanser keeps my face moisturized when I am done. I know I should be using warm water though so don’t hate me please >_<
The next step is toner. It is a hydrating toner from Artistry essentials. It just basically keeps my skin hydrated for a long period of time. I have a combination skin, leaning towards oily skin; however, whenever I don’t keep my skin as moisturized as possible I find my skin cracking and getting even oilier. Of all of the toner I have used, this is the most gentle against my skin.
Afterwards, I apply another product from Artistry called Creme LuXury. It basically fights aging by restoring and protecting the skin’s “youthful energy.” My mom gave me this to help clear up my acne, and it seems to worked very well. I apply this all over my face.
The fourth step is a serum from Estee Lauder known as Advanced Night Repair. It is essentially a serum that helps repair my skin and fights aging. My mom also gave me this (love you mom), but I don’t really see much effects from it. Nonetheless, I apply it all over my face.
The last step is baby lotion. Baby stuff is made to for sensitive baby skin, and this lotion is perfect for my sensitive skin. I have been using it ever since I was little. My friend also recommends using baby wipes to wash your face if you find that your skin is too sensitive for face wash. During the summer, I don’t really use baby lotion as often unless it is really dry outside. I also use baby lotion for my arms and legs as well.
Well, this concludes my skin care routine. I am still learning about my skin and so if you guys have any product recommendations it would be highly appreciated. I love all things aloe so if you guys have any aloe products you guys like, please share!! ^o^ Sorry for my bad grammar and thank you for reading!