Nickname: nadja
Age: 20
Country: Germany
Skin type: combination/oily/sensitive (depends on season and weather)


1. The Body Shop Aloe Calming Cream Cleanser + Exfoliator
When my skin feels normal, i usually use the cream cleanser. The cleanser is so soft and gentle, is fragrant-free, colourant-free, preservative-free and alcohol-free. You just need small amount, wet it with small amount of water and put it all over your face (with circular motion) gently.
When my skin feels rough, i use the exfoliator. The exfoliator is so gentle as well, not irritate my skin like another product. The step by step is the same with the cleanser one.


2. The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion
After i washed my face, i apply this moisturizer to my face. It’s not so moisturizing, however, and sometimes my face feel itchy after i applied this moisturizer O_O



3. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil
This product is great for getting rid of pimples. I use this at night before i go to sleep. To use this product, you need to put small amount of oil and spread it on your pimple. The smell is so strong, and you have to be careful to not to put large amount of oil on your pimple, otherwise you can feel burning sensation on your face. It stings a bit too, so be careful if you have wound on your face.



4. Clinique Anti-Blemish Solution
The step by step is the same with tea tree oil. But this gel is gentler than the tea tree oil, the smell is better too, not too strong. I love it. It makes my face clearer, can get rid of pimples too, and as it stated, get rid of blemishes. Love it.


5. Rituals Lip Moisturizer
I have a very dry lips. I drink large amount of water, but it didn’t help. I tried many lip balm before, but nothing worked as well as this product. It makes my lips so smooth and moisturized. Smells (and tastes!) good. It’s also long lasting. This product is so great tbh i’m in love.
At night before i go to sleep, i always wear this lip moisturizer. Just put small amount of it on your lips, as this is very sticky and rather oily. So avoid using large amount, or it would smeared all over your pillow.



6. Daiso Japan Peel Off Black Charcoal Mask

I use this mask to get rid of my blackhead. I should say…..well it’s not working like i want to, but it pulled out every single dirt and small hair from my face. It’s very hard to peel, so use this only once a week or once per two weeks. Avoid getting the mask on your eyebrows. Exfoliate your skin first for maximum result. You need to apply large amount of this mask on your face. Be careful with the areas around eyes and mouth. You need to let it dry completely before peeling it off. (Caution: Don´t pull too hard or you´ll feel like your skin peeled off your face :`D). After that, you should moisturize your skin as the mask can be VERY drying. If you have sensitive skin, it´s better to apply soothing gel before you apply moisturizer.
This mask smells so good and i noticed that my face looks brighter and clearer after use. Also my skin feels so smooth~ almost like baby´s skin 😀