Age: 16
Country: Greece
Skin Type: A combination of Normal and Oily



I’m only 16 years old so I don’t use any more than these cosmetics! It’s not like I put makeup so that I need that much skin care ^^


Since all teenagers have acne, I usually use this gel every morning and night to keep my skin hydrated and prevent it from having a lot of acne. It doesn’t actually “erase” it all but most of it does. I use it all over my face and then wash it off with water.​ It is mostly used for people with oily skin and  enough acne. It does not contain soap too. Note: It doesn’t apply to people whose face has nothing but acne :) Sorryy >w<



This is an olive oil soap. It’s mostly used to wash your hands but when I asked the saleswoman if it was okay to wash my face with that every morning, she said ‘Of course! It will also make your skin softer and have a more welcoming scent’. Just like the previous one, it’s used all over your face and you also wash it off with water. I don’t use it on a daily basis, but more like once a week. First you have to dissolve it a little and then put it all over your face. Than can happen if you just wash your hands with just water and then touch the squared soap so it’ll turn into an actual soap. The results were great and my skin looked brighter and softer as well. You can get these only in Greece.
This is a nutritious day cream, which means that you only put it when the sun is out , I guess? Anyway it is also used on the whole face, but you don’t have to wash it off. It also leaves a splendid smell and someone will definetely wonder if it’s perfume! I usually use it after I bathe early in the morning so that when it dries off, it will instantly be soft just like a baby’s! This is also a great produt and I definetely recommend it!