Nickname: Readergirl
Age: 23
Country: Saudi Arabia
Skin type: Combination



So basically my skincare routine is pretty straightforward.


I wash my face with the Biore charcoal cleanser twice a day (once before leaving the house and once after coming back at the end of the day). I came across this cleanser when I was searching online for one that actually does what it promises and I was pleasantly surprised to find out it does work. Charcoal containing products illuminate your skin as well as get rid of dirt and other things clogging up your pores. I’ve had fewer breakouts since I’ve started using it plus it’s not super drying like most cleansers are. Dimmed the pigmented areas on my face somewhat as well.


I apply this moisturizer on my damp skin (after washing it in the morning) then pat it dry so it’s moisturized but doesn’t look too oily


I’m totally into charcoal containing cleansing products since they actually do make a difference, so I use this peel off mask once to twice a week. Any charcoal mask will do, but I use this one as it dries quickly and is easy to peel off.



Moreover, I’m obsessed with lip care, so I use the light pink BabyLips crystal kiss at home to keep my lips moisturized (it isn’t pigmented, just gives a subtle shine but smells and tastes nice). When I go to uni or to run errands, I use BabyLips Electro Pop Pink Shock as it has a nice pink shade which looks almost like a lipstick plus is super moisturizing and lasts atleast 4 hours without eating or drinking. It also leaves behind a pleasant pink tint when it wears off and your lips feel so nice and smooth.

That’s about it for my skincare routine. I use a clindamycin gel or solution at times when I have breakouts but normally I just stick to this routine and hope for the best :)