Age: 17
Country: Canada
Skin Type: Oily



This is my daily cleanser that I use only at night (usually in the mornings I only use warm water and wipe my face with a cloth). It is the “Too Cool for School Egg Mousse Soap”! It comes out of a pump and foams up. The texture is similar to hair mousse and it expands! It works great for all skin types too. You apply a small pump and rub it all over your face for 1~2 minutes, and then rinse off with lukewarm water. It leaves your skin feeling super clean! I give it a 5/5



​This is extra, but it’s a konjac sponge! It’s great for all skin types and its super soft and gentle. You can squirt your facial cleanser onto this device and then use it to help wash your face. It’s gentle enough for everyday use and I highly recommend it! The top sharp point is used to get into the cracks of your face such as the nasolabial folds and around your nose. There are different colors that are also suited for different skin types. The only downside is that it dries up if you don’t use it everyday, but that’s easily fixed if you run it under warm water for a minute or two.


​​Afterwards, I use my toner “Rice Ceramide” by “The Face Shop”. I just apply a little bit onto a cotton pad and rub in upward motions on my face so my skin doesn’t sag when I’m older! This toner reapplies moisture onto your face, and it also brightens the skin and helps with any hyperpigmentation! l onto your face, and it also brightens the skin and helps with any hyperpigmentation! The toner also returns your skin to its normal pH level. This product smells very good as well. A solid 4.5/5


Then I use the “Rice Ceramide Moisture Emlusion” by “The Face Shop”. This adds the extra bit of moisture to your skin! I just apply a few drops all over my skin. It smells amazing as well. This product also helps with hyperpigmentation and it does make your skin more brighter and healthy looking. I wouldn’t say its completely necessary though, but it isn’t bad either. A 3/5!


Then, I apply my eye cream. Even though I’m still young, prevention is key. It is easier to prevent something occurring than it is to fix it. I use the “Collagen Moistfull Firming Eye Cream” by “Etude House”. I take a little bit on my ring finger and dab it in circular motions around my eyes. It’s a slightly sticky texture but it does improve the elasticity around your eyes. I give it a 4/5.


For my moisturizer I use “Jeju Fresh Aloe Soothing Gel” by “The Saem”. I absolutely adore this stuff and I’ve gone through three of them. It’s mostly just aloe vera gel and it is the best!! I’m not kidding. It helps with healing scars, preventing acne, and provides the perfect amount of moisture. Also, aloe vera is a natural sun screen.


Occasionally I will use a face mask called the “Strawberry Smoothie Mask Pack” by “The Face Shop”. It smells and looks like there is authentic strawberries in the mask pack. You apply it all over your face for about 5~10 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. Your skin is all glowy and bright afterwards. A 4/5!